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How to configure Magento 1.x store with SSL?


If you are regular customers of online stores, will you choose to buy from a site with http:// or https://? Of course, https://, right?  So how can web owners create a site with https:// link? The answer is SSL which stands for Secure Socket Layer. SSL is usually used for maintaining the confidentiality of the customer data. When an online transaction happens, it may include bank account, credit card number and many other private things, SSL will allow secure passes of data between web servers and browsers. The risk of data were stolen or fraudulent activity will be minimized when you use SSL for your website.

I think that you may have an overview of the importance of SSL in protecting the client’s sensitive details from malware activity.

This is how you can configure Magento 1.x with SSL: just 3 basic steps.

Step 1: Installing SSL certificate on your hosting account

Step 2: Checking to see whether the SSL is working properly. Load https://YOURSITE/LICENSE.htm and see whether the Magento license is displayed with SSL identifier. If it does not work, your SSL certificate is not installed correctly.

Step 3: Activating SSL in your Magento store as follow:

  • Log in to Magento Admin Panel
  • Navigating to System >> Configuration


  • Open Web ( you can find it under General tab of Configuration section on left.)


  • Choose Secure
  • Base URL: Change http domain name to https://yourdomainname/magento/.
  • Use Secure URLs in Frontend: As by default, Magento takes care of the sensitive data entered by the user in any of your webpages like payment page, login page, still if you want your Magento store to work solely on only HTTPS, then select YES from this dropdown menu so your SSL will work on the respective pages of your website.
  • Use Secure URLs in Admin: Similarly, if you want to apply the SSL on Admin panel and allow access via. HTTPS only, then make this option to YES.


That’s all about configuring SSL to Magento 1.x store? So easy right? Hope you find it useful and good luck with your sale!

Thanks for watching my post. If you have any question, feel free to feedback here. I and colleagues are willing to support you. Goodluck!

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