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Custom Order Number Magento Extension

Compatible with: Magento 1.3 – 1.7
Using this extension, you can set and define custom numbers for the order-related information in your online store, such as orders, invoices, shipments, etc. You can customize either the full number or just the prefix/postfix.

The default numbering system of Magento is very straightforward, but rather inconvenient, creating titles like 100000001, 100000002, and so on. If you have, or forecast to have, a relatively large number of orders through your store, this system might create unnecessary troubles for your order processing, accounting and customer support.
The Peexl Customer Order Number Magento extension will allow you to adapt the numbering system to the internal needs of your store. It allows full flexibility in number generation for orders, invoices, credit memos and other important information.

• Order, shipment, credit memo and invoice numbers customization
• Numbers can be created using any combination of letters, digits and dates
• Number can be set for any desired length
• Any increment step can be set (value difference between two orders placed consecutively)
• Customizable prefix/postfix for orders, shipments, invoices and credit memos
• Prefixes/postfixes can be individualized for each store view
• Prefixes/postfixes can be individualized for each document type
• Possibility of using prefix/postfix templates: %STOREID%, %YYYY%, %YY%, %MM% and %W%
• 100% Open Source


Detail: Custom Order Number Magento Extension

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