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Did You Prepare Your Online Store For Holiday Season 2015


Holiday season is the time that the businesses, online store owners very interested. Because this is the time that the needs’ shopping of the people is highest in the year, so this is the time for businesses to be able to create a breakthrough of revenue.

Did you prepare for the holiday season of 2015 yet? If not yet, here are some suggestions to preparing your online store for holiday season of 2015.

1) Create a holiday atmosphere in your site

The first thing you should do is change the look of your site to create a real holiday atmosphere. This will make your customers feel the excitement when visiting your store. Let’s create a comfortable atmosphere for your customers so they can enjoy and relaxing while shopping.

To do that, you can use the magento themes which designed for the holiday or may be change the photos, the colors on your site to match the festive atmosphere everywhere. You can find the beautiful magento themes HERE

2) Have a secure website

Security of ecommerce website is very important for online shoppers. Customers will enter their credit card information and they trust that your website is secure so their information isn’t spread around the internet. Holiday season will be a busy time for hackers as well as shoppers; these hackers know that sites may be vulnerable and they try their best to hack your site. Surely that your customers will buy more products when they know your site is secured. And now, SSL compliant is also a criterion when Google ranking your site.

3) Speed matters

In holiday season, with the huge number of shoppers, your site will be faced with the operation at full capacity for a long time. When the number of users who accessed at the same time is very high, your site speed can reduce significantly. The load time too long is a reason why customers leaving your site. That will make you lose customers if your site works too slowly.

Tips: To fix this problem, you can use the extension to help you maintain and improve your site speed such as Magento full page cache.

4) Focus on mobile shoppers

In modern life, used smartphone – tablet is very popular. This also affects e commerce when the number of customers who shopping through mobile devices increase quickly. Therefore, absolutely that you do not want to lose a lot of customers when your site is not supported for mobile shoppers right? And did you know that Google now takes into consideration how mobile friendly a website is when ranking it?

Tips: if you want a better support for mobile devices, the first thing you need to do is to use a theme with responsive features. The magento responsive themes will help you a lot. If you don’t want to change your website theme, you also can use Magento mobile theme, it provide you a mobile version for your site. It’s a very good solution for m-commerce (Mobile eCommerce).

5) Simplify the checkout process

Will not have any customers who want a complex checkout processes when shopping online. Normally, customers will have to go through several steps during checkout process. So, there are some solutions to make checkout process become more simply.

Tips: using some magento extensions like: Magento one step checkout, Simple Checkout Magento Extension, Quick Checkout Magento Extension… will reduce the checkout steps from 6 to only 1. It makes the checkout process much easier and convenient for customers.

6) Use social network to your advantage

Social network is where having a huge community of users. With social network, you can promote products, share promotions / deals, etc… to your followers, they are probalbly become your clients. The highly interactive wih user made social network is becoming an important marketing channel for all businesses. Let’s take advantages of social network in this holiday season and also for the rest of year.

Some good magento extensions to take advantages of social network: Magento Facebook Login ExtensionFacebook Fanbox Magento ExtensionMagento Product Tweet on TwitterBackend Product Social Share Magento Extension ,etc…

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