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Magento Color Swatch Extension

Magento color swatch

E-commerce in general, shopping online in particular is a trend in modern life. Benefits of shopping online are undeniable, but besides the strengths, shopping online is still exists the problem that we need to resolve. We have a problem which makes some people hesitate when shopping online it’s sometimes they feel difficult to know what exactly the product that they …

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What Is The Best Magento One Step Checkout Extension ?


Checkout is the last step when making an online transaction. Certainly there are many people who think that the implementation of the checkout steps is very simple and they use the default checkout features for their site. However, the statistics show that more than 60% of customers have abandoned shopping online because of the complexity when do checkout steps. That …

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SAML Single Sign On Magento Plugin


For all websites, especially e-commerce websites, the interaction with the customer is very important. If users want to use the full functionality of the website, all websites requires them to log-in to use. This enables website owners to manage information with ease; however, having to create multiple accounts for different sites will make some customers uncomfortable. Therefore, there are many …

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5 oustanding features of Magento mega menu extension


To any website, the menu is always a very important part. Menu is the place to navigate the users, allowing users to choose the information, choose the list or categories as quickly and conveniently as possible. So for every website, we all need to optimize site menu to make sure that it can operate with maximum efficiency. And for e-commerce …

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Magento One Step Checkout Extension: The complete checkout solution for Magento Store


Ecommerce is one of the leading trends in business today. More and more enterprises begin to invest in e-commerce as a primary business channel, so the number of e-commerce website is increasing day by day. However, as well as traditional business, when joining ecommerce we also need to have the strategy and we need to know the way how to …

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Magento Product Tweet on Twitter Extension – Auto Tweeting New Products


Today, accompany the development of ecommerce; the social network has also become a channel to promote the brand and products very effectively. Besides the traditional methods to advertising and marketing, most of all companies are building a profile on the social network to promote the brand as well as to reach out and build relationships with customers. The use of …

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Magento Order Delivery Date Pro Extension


E-commerce is a new business method and it growing quickly with many huge advantages that it brings. Instead of having to take time and effort to come to the store, now you just need to sit in front of the computer, searching everything you want through the internet and then you can easily purchase & buy product with just one …

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Multi Wishlist Magento Extension: Create a Multi Wish List Like Ebay

Ebay Reports Quarterly Earnings

Ebay is one of the largest ecommerce companies in the world. Ebay is very popular in the retail sector, especially in the field of online sales; ebay has been very successful in building an e-commerce website (ebay.com). Ebay.com is a website that helps everyone can find and buy any items they need through internet, this helped ebay access to a …

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Magento Recurring Payments Extension – Useful Extension for Ecommerce


Today, the online shopping has been no stranger to us. The convenience of online shopping is undeniable. It helps us save a lot of time and effort; you can find and buy any product you need with only a computer and an internet connection. Because demand for online shopping of consumer is growing day by day, so companies and enterprises …

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AirHotels – Airbnb Magento Clone Script


Airbnb is a startup company founded since 2008 and Airbnb is a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique accommodations around the world — online or from a mobile phone or tablet. Today, Airbnb has become a billion dollar company with 40,000000+ Total Guests and 1,500,000+ Listings Worldwide in 190+ Countries over the world. The direction …

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