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Effectively save time with Ajax Search Suggest and AutoComplete Extension for Magento 2

It is not difficult to see that online shopping is an increasingly important role in the economy. More and more individuals and national organizations involved in online marketing network all over the world. Online shopping is popular because it brings customers convenience saves time.

Ajax Search Suggest and Auto Complete for Magento 2


  • Sometimes you need the item which is sold in a shop away from where you live. Instead of taking the time to move to that shop, you can see it and order on the internet.
  • Instead of going to the store to see the materials, colors, sizes, designs of your favorite items you can read detailed information about products with a mouse click.
  • In case you have not identified how is the item you need looked you have to spend a lot of time to come and see many products in many different stores. It will take a lot of your time to see and compare multiple products together. But, with online you easily view and compare multiple products together on multiple pages and multiple stores at once.
  • Finding those rare products also faster by no geographical distance and time. You can easily find a specific address of that shop on over the world because the information constantly updating online.
  • In short, the time savings is a remarkable advantage of online shopping. If you can take advantage of it, your site will attract more loyal customers.


These days there are many extension was researched and developed to meet the needs of the web page about bringing convenience to customers. Installing the application may bring effective time savings that customers expect, bring in revenue for your website. In addition to the being like extensions such as Magento One Step Checkout Extension, Magento mega menu, Magento quick login… CMSMART – one of the most trustable brands also introduced on the market Search Suggest and AutoComplete Extension for Magento 2.

  • Search Suggest and AutoComplete Extension for Magento 2 allows your customers more flexibility while searching for any product in a fast, easy and effective way. It can display search suggestions and autocomplete products based on what visitors typed in a search field.
  • You can specify the number of products to be displayed in the search results list. To see all products that match search terms, visitors should click the All Results button.
  • All the search suggestions are displayed in alphabetical order in the dropdown list by default.
  • The Search Suggest and AutoComplete Extension for Magento 2 allow you to show/hide out of stock products in the search results list.
  • With a simple CSS editing, you can change any elements including colors, borders, paddings, etc.
  • Search Suggest and AutoComplete Extension for Magento 2 makes your store search much faster as it is AJAX-based and doesn’t load your full database of products, only those that have been matched. Your store visitors can perform the search by any tags assigned to products.
  • With the Search Autocomplete and Suggest extension, your clients can view the list of suggestions based on the search term. A visitor can choose any suggested keyword and go to the search results page of the selected keyword.


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