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Facebook Open Graph 2.0


​Integrates social data into product pages to help increase click-to-sale, user engagement, and traffic.
Even the best eCommerce stores need social media to get the attention they deserve. The Social Commerce extension hooks your store directly into Facebook by allowing you to add powerful social buttons to your storefront.
Increase engagement and click-to-sale on product pages through aggregate social data. The social data is merchant specific and never shared.
This extension also allows you to add custom Open Graph buttons to product pages. Buttons can be generic (such as “I want this” or “I own this”) or specific to a category. For example, if you are a merchant who sells books it would be more appropriate to have buttons such as “I read this” and “I want this”.

When your customers click on a social button an entry is added to their Facebook Timeline which links back to your product page. This is visible to the users’ social graphs.

A product page with 4 or more social actions showed an increase in click-to-sale and time spent on page (post window.load).
New Version (2.1.2): Removed fb_image span
Version 2.1.1: Fixed widget URL failing to recognize secure vs non-secure base URL’s, added built-in Like support

A complete UX, installation, and integration guide is available at: prezi.com/pocorwswf_dj/social-commerce (the PHP extension bit can be ignored).

Inf0: magentocommerce.com
Free: http://bloorum.com/threads/facebook-open-graph-2-0.2002/

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