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Flagbit Change Attribute Set


In Magento every product has a fixed attribute set that cannot be changed after the product’s creation. This is in many productive contexts not an acceptable limitation. This module overrides the standard behaviour andmakes it possible to change attribute sets after the item’s creation making Magento even more flexible. :).
We do not use any rewrites anymore. So we should be fully compatible with any other modules.

Though we did not test this extensively the extension should be compatible with the Enterprise Edition. We have lots of positive feedback about running it with the Enterprise Edition.

Technical Background
The extension simply switches the Attribute-Set-ID. Which has a side effect: If you switch back your attribute values are still present. BUT it may also litter your database as the values not used anymore still use up space in your database. If you have lots of products you may want to clean up this.

Download: http://bloorum.com/threads/flagbit-change-attribute-set.1786/

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