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Free Auto Shipping Pro

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Automatically apply shipping when customers: add items to cart, update cart, remove items from cart
This extension automatically applies shipping based on two parameters:
When a customer first go to the shopping cart, shipping method is calculated using the store’s default country (System->Configuration->General->Countries Options->Default Country).
If the customer is logged in, the country of the customer’s shipping address is used.
If a customer selected a country and clicked ‘get quote’, the selected is used.

Sort order:
Sort order of shipping methods can be set up at System->Configuration->Shipping Methods->Shipping Method Name->Sort Order Shipping method has the smallest sort order value will get applied.

For examle,

Set Free shipping to have a sort order of 1, Flat Rate to have a sort order of 2.
When freeshipping is available, it will be applied. When it is not available, flat rate is applied.
Shipping rates will get recalculated when the customer:
– Add items to cart
– Update
– Remove items from cart

Info: magentocommerce.com

Free: http://bloorum.com/threads/auto-shipping-pro.1796/

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