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Highly Recommended Magento Banner Slideshow for Wonderful Experience


Nowadays, the increasing number of online customers has been an issue capturing a lot of concerns from e-commerce experts. It is, therefore, an obvious that we should make online shopping into an inevitable habit in modern society. The famous Magento platform allows us searching and developing extremely advanced extensions making e-commerce be highly favored and changing the way of traditional shopping.

Today, I would like to recommend such nice extensions for enhancing your shop’s appearance. Banner slider is a highly interactive plug-in giving your store a completely new look. A host whole of transition effect options will not disappoint you. Now, take a look around!


This extension is really magic. It provides marvelous options for effect bringing an elegant look to your site. If your style is plain so you will satisfy with what the Magic Slideshow gives. In general, most of effects are gentle showing the smooth, besides; it is freely to choose the basic sub-elements for the banner such as bullet, thumbnail, pause on hover, next/previous button or URL links…


Ibanner is quite plain with big banner on the header and slide effect. It is merely a slider including text and buttons. There will not have too many details on back-end feature. But this would be ideal for small businesses which don’t need to display too much products.


Banner Slider Manager Extension based on jQuery Cycle Plugin is very easy to use and manageable. For each slider, admin will be able to add unlimited banners with custom options on each store. However, the extension uses stop button instead of hover effect so it quite spends your time. Your clients can still control the banner, however, with tiny bullets in the corner of banner slider.

Magento Homepage slideshow exxtension CMSmart

Magento Homepage Slideshow has a lot of awsome features like image manipulation, animation effects, and animation speed. There are eye-catching animations on the front end, visitors can see important information. Admin can have a wide range of settings to customize it, choose options to show or hide thumbnails, arrows and slide numbers. Speed, effect and styles can be adjusted. This well-designed slideshow will help create a stylist first view on your own site with creative and lively transition. However, it doesn’t offer hover effect, instead, you can have a blurred playing bar on banner.


A multi-options extension with creative design will help your store be more appealing to customers. The Easy Banner Pro suits various needs from simple to complicate. Vertical, horizontal slider, coin, gallery or startstop slider will interest you because of its smooth and inspiration. Moreover, banner images and thumbnail will be auto-resized to optimize loading speed and server response.

You don’t want to sacrifice the quality for price so the options above can satisfy you. These homepage slideshow extensions are all highly rated because their flexibility giving different options for users. Even the newbie to the world of online website can set up easily some of them. More important, you need to pick up the most fitted banner slider for your site so that it can bring positive impact on your customers and target the right audience.

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