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How Delivery Service Impact Your Business?


In recent years, the expectations of consumer have changed a lot. Not like a few years ago, almost people always want to find the best deal; products with the best price or product with promotion always get much attention from consumers. But nowadays, it has been changed, price is not all!

Today, consumers not only look into the prices, they also want to shopping at where can give them the best user experience. That’s the reason why in 2015, there are many ecommerce companies that have invested in improving the user experience.

So, we can see that delivery service and shipping has a huge impact on the overall ecommerce customer experience.

In this article, we’ll learn about a research which made by Connexity. That’s a research which involving 6,500 global shoppers and through this article, we will talk about some key insights around delivery service and its impact on Christmas ecommerce.

Younger consumers want same-day delivery

Millennials – the people who born roughly between 1980 and 2000. They are the young people, so there is no surprise that they are more likely to want, or even expect, same-day delivery. In fact, 30% of millennials say that they like to receive their goods in same day since making purchase. And they also confirmed that same-day delivery service has a huge impact to making an online purchasing decision.

Amazon Prime Now provides delivery service that allows members have a parcel delivered within two hours of ordering for no additional cost or they can get their goods within 1 hour if pay for extra cost.

That is the kind of service which online retailers are competing with in 2015. In addition to provide same-day delivery for millennials, online retailers should also consider to offering that service for all their customers.

But conversely, only 5% of senior consumers take the availability of same-day delivery into account when making an online purchasing decision.

Delivery Date Extension for Magento allows your customers to choose delivery date and time on the checkout page of your store.

Sector matters

According to those buyers who have used same-day delivery in the past 12 months (10% of all online shoppers):

  • 50% said that they used the service because they needed the order immediately.
  • 29% said that they used it because it was free-of-charge.

According the stats, same-day deliveries seemingly has the greatest influence to the automotive and flower sites. And 8% of shoppers in the toys and video games, automotive and food and drink sectors would consider abandoning their basket because same-day delivery wasn’t available.

Cost more important than timing

Maybe the same-day delivery is important to millennials but the consensus across the board is that cost is the biggest deciding factor. Have 74% of all online shoppers say that delivery cost is the primary consideration when shopping online. If you spit by age group, you can see that delivery cost is more important with older people:

  • 69% of millennials say delivery cost is the primary factor.
  • 80% of seniors say the same.

It seems that the delivery time is not really important when only 26% of online buyers view timing as the most important factor when making a buying decision.

Conclusion: match your delivery options to your audience

Through this study, we can learn that while there are some significant trends toward certain delivery options, these trends change significantly between different demographics.

If your store targets multiple age groups, so you should make a research to understand your target audience, it will help you can provide a relevant customer experience for them. Let create appropriate strategy for each target segment to get the best sales result for this Christmas.


Source @econsultancy.com

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