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How Magento price matrix extension for Magento 1 and Magento 2 works?

Magento price matrix extension for Magento 1 and Mageto 2

Just think that you’ve worked long and hard, you developed and made your products and services. You raised fund and plan for using your budget properly, you planed great marketing strategies. Your team has worked tirelessly to launch your products. However, one question is: finally, how much you will sell them? Is it worth your effort?

That’s when you need a pricing strategy and integrate Magento price matrix extension to your Magento web store. Someone even supposes that setting price for a product or service is simple and it is just a small part in a whole large picture. But, in fact, it is more important that they have ever thought because pricing is a key part of the marketing mix. Before giving the final decision, you might have a figure that brings you the right feelings. Wait, you need to consider more. Pricing is a complex and subtle task. If you set your price intelligently, you’ve got a chance of generating good sales and high profits. Too low or high price will also affect your sale and you cannot charge everybody at the same price. In this case, Magento price matrix will work. Price matrix will help you build a perfect pricing strategy. Base on your target consumer, your financial and strategic product or brand marketing objectives, and your core business objectives, Magento price matrix extension allows you to set prices for different attributes that users can choose easily by drag and drop feature. In this post, I will show you every detail on how Magento price matrix works in the following video:

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