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How To Create A Perfect Checkout Process ?


Revenue is the most important goal of an ecommerce website. There are many factors that affect the business performance of an ecommerce website. Checkout is the final process of completing a purchase online. But now there are many website owners, who own e-commerce site is not fully understood the importance of checkout process.

There are some statistics that we need to pay attention:

  • 68% of all ecommerce visitors abandon their shopping cart (Statistic from Baymard)
  • $4 trillion is the value of abandoned merchandise and 63% of this is potentially recoverable

And according to a VWO ecommerce survey, there are the reasons why do people abandon carts:

  • 28% unexpected shipping cost
  • 23% having to create a new user account
  • 16% not ready to buy yet
  • 13% payment security concerns
  • 12% poor user experience
  • 8% failed to find a coupon code

So how to create a perfect checkout process?

Here are some suggestions from ecommerce experts which i think that it will helps you to build a powerful checkout process for your ecommerce store.

Login & Guest checkout:

  • Make it easy for existing customers to log-in and make it clear on how to retrieve forgotten passwords
  • Don’t force registrations, give shoppers the option to create an account or to checkout as guest

Registration form:

  • Keep it simple: avoid asking for unnecessary information simply for marketing purposes
  • Visually indicate any errors or missing fields to help people know exactly what needs fixing before moving on
  • Prefill where possible: set input fields to “autofill”. Request postcodes first to help find address details
  • Test your pages: the most effective structure will depend on your product and audience. You can use A/B test to see what works well

The shopping cart:

  • Display cart details helps can shoppers review their cart, as they would in store
  • Have the option to change the quantity or remove items
  • Include the final price for customers and don’t supprise shoppers with hidden fees such as tax & shipping cost
  • Include a photo, 92% of shoppers say visuals are the top influencing factor that affects their buying decision
  • Allow items to saved for later and retarget “Window shoppers” later with discount, 54% of shopper say they would purchase product left in their carts if offered again at a discounted price

Billing and shipping:

  • Give multiple shipping time options and set the cheapest as default
  • Give descriptions and input examples: the clearer the instructions, the faster transaction
  • Consider free “Store pickup”: use the customer’s post code to look up availability
  • Shipping address same as billing: Customer won’t have to enter details twice

The payment:

  • Allow for different payment options: Paypal is especially good on mobile when manually inputting credit or debat cards can be tiresome. In fact, providing payment options can recoup 30% of sales by customers that abandon the process when cards are declined
  • Omit “Cart Type” option: this can be automatically highlighted using the first 4 characters of the card number
  • Include visual cues of security: test different secure shopping certificates, logos and locks to see which instils the most trust

Summary and confirmation page:

  • Send a confirmation email: avoid sending it from noreply@companymail.com. A real email that can be picked up from customer support staff is better
  • Provide contact details: let the customers get in touch in case they’ve made a mistake
  • Offer guest customers the option to sign up for full account, now it’s perfect time to offer registration
  • Make the page easy to print: have a PDF version of the page that’s automatically available

Tip: Magento one step checkout is the extension for Magento website, it can help website owners to simplicity the checkout process. It replace the complicated default checkout feature of Magento by a new and simple checkout page.

See more info at: One Step Checkout Extension – The complete checkout solution for Magento Store.


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