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How to install Magento product video extension into your site?

Magento product video extension

Producing high-quality videos for products on your Web Store is never an easy task, we understand that. To make a product video professional, equipment might be expensive but we also need money to hire specialists who know how to use or use the money to pay for training. Moreover, some web owners find it quite complicated to upload videos to their site. Therefore, we can see many business owners who still use photos and graphics to get the thing done. But wait some minutes, let’s see these following figure:

Why should you use the product video extension?

  • Videos appear in 14% of Internet search results: If you skip product videos, it means you skip 14% of potential customers, a significant proportion.
  • 73% visitors after watching videos will turn to customers: There are some reasons for this fact and I will show in the next points but the core thing is video provides viewers the real feeling about a product, the visual looking, so important when customers buy online.
  • 71% of customers think that videos can explain product better: When customers can understand thoroughly about your product in terms of how it looks like, how it works, etc. they will be more likely to pay money for it. Videos can clean up the confusion much better than text or images.
  • 57% are less surprised by products with video. It is not a bad thing, why? Videos provide consumers with all necessary information about products as I said before so when consumers receive their product, it comes with less surprise. When making the purchase online, we don’t need so much surprise, we need product as described, as what we need. And happy customers are less likely to return a product for a refund.
  • 58% of shoppers think that companies provide videos for a specific product are more trustable. You give buyers quality information that doesn’t hide behind good angles and lighting. When they understand more about products, they will buy with more happiness. Each customer comes to your store with satisfaction, your credibility will increase to a higher level.

Therefore, investing in the video is always worth making. But if you still hesitate because you find it is quite complicated and expensive to produce and upload video to your web store. Why don’t you use Magento product video for Magento 1 and Magento 2 from Cmsmart? In this post, I will show you every detail on how to install this Magento extension to your site.

The above is a few information about How to install Magento product video extension into your site?. Hope the article has brought many useful things for you. If you have any concerns or are interested in our products, please contact with us. Thank you!

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