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Useful Hints To Selling More By Build Trust


With ecommerce website, having one more visitor means that we have one more opportunity to sell products. To be able to turn that visitors become the customers, you need to ensure that your website should bring the trust to the visitors since they access your site until they make purchasing decisions and checkout. This article will talk about some useful hints for ecommerce website. Hope this will be the useful for you, check it now!

When they first hear about you

Surely there are many people hesitant to buy at an ecommerce store where they just heard the name or even they’ve never heard of. With advertising, you will have a chance to establish trust from the beginning. To be able to impress the consumers from the first glance, a beautiful and eye-catching design will be the golden key. However, your ads should also convey the useful information to them; here are some handy tips to create a good advertising:

  • Use a solid domain name.
  • Mention total number of orders shipped.
  • Include customer service hours.
  • List the phone numbers.
  • Include “Trusted since xxxx”.
  • Mention the number of customers served.
  • If you’re a verified reseller of a brand, include this fact.
  • If you’ve been quoted in a credible publication, show that quote.
  • If you take Paypal as a payment method, do mention it.
  • If you’re on Stella service, mention your ranking. Also add a link to that rating.

When they enter and browse your site

When they’ve entered your site, it’s time for you to convince customers. Here are some ways to build the trust upon those reassurances. You can consult the following suggestions but shouldn’t add all of these elements into your page. Let’s try to test and find a healthy balance that increase sales.

  • Thought leader: educate users on your products. Being a thought leader can be beneficial.
  • Imagery: use only high quality ecommerce images.
  • Reviews: highlight reviews of products showing that other people shop at your ecommerce store.
  • About: a photo of your staff in your about page can help. If you were previouly a founder of another company or worked for a well-known company, do mention it clearly.
  • Testimonials: customer testimonials on page may help. Embedding a tweet adds freshness to this section.
  • Credibility: if you’re a member of better business bureau, post your grade (badge) on your website.
  • Contact: make your contact info clear. You may even want to put it at the bottom of every page.
  • Live chat: it may help build a relationship, which can build trust.
  • Policies: returns policy / other policies easy to find.

When they put the items in the cart

When ever people put a product in their cart, it means that the opportunity for you to have a new customer is so close. Here are the suggestions to assure them through the checkout process and complete the sale:

  • Mention the number of order shipped.
  • Get an SSL certificate to make sure you have https.
  • List the phone number(s).
  • Show a delivery date and not the shipping date.
  • Show where you’re shipping facility is. People may like to know where their product is coming from.
  • Security badges like McAfee Secure, VeriSign, etc.


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