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Import/Export Orders Magento Extension

This extension is designed to import/export all orders and related customer information from one Magento shop to another. If you need to transfer your business to another shop or website address, this extension will help you avoid any loss of customer data. The import/export can be done with minimal effort on your side

The Import/Export Orders extension can work with information such as billing and shipping address, email address and method of payment. The extension will work with customers already registered in the system, as well as with “guest” buyers.

Main Features:

  • Import/export any type of orders: simple, simple with custom options, configurable, grouped, bundled, downloadable, or virtual
  • Import orders with any payment method, even the ones that are not yet enabled or set up in the store at the time of import
  • New order ID’s are assigned to orders at the time of import, avoiding any ID conflicts


Most common usage of the extension:

  • You are experiencing technical problems with your main shop
  • You want to process all orders from your multiple shops at once
  • You are in the process of rebranding your shop

Detail: Import/Export Orders Magento Extension

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