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Improve your Magento Shopping Cart with Out Of Stock Notification Magento Extension

An online shopping cart plays an important role in the growth of an online store’s sales revenue. So, if you are awared of the importance of the shopping cart in your internet business, you can reduce the risk of accidentally losing customers and improve sales growth.

The Importance of Shopping Cart for Magento online stores

The following roles of the Magento shopping cart‘s to online business is undeniable:

To customers:

  • It makes the handling of Payment Processes and transactions a lot easier. The magento shopping cart act as a mediator between the payment processors and websites as well as a janitor helping customers find the amenities provided.
  • Shopping cart makes payment easier. The main purpose of this Online shopping Cart is that it helps customers to calculate easily what they purchase despite it is good or service. Customers will not be required to pay for every single item they select, but the software will easily calculate the amount for all the selected items and make an automatic order for them.
  • Customers will not have to take the time to wait or queue. Everything is readily available makes shopping more convenient and enjoyable.

To admins of online store

  • It provides a powerful tool for managing customer data and all data of shop goods The shopping cart software can organize the information for all successful transactions .This further ensures that the Transaction run smoothly.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO): A good magento shopping cart can ensure maximum SEO thanks to automatically creating keyword-rich URL’s for its products or services.
  • E-business owners are benefited due to a better functionality that comes with the majority of shopping cart systems that offer features such as back-end marketing, wish lists, coupons, inventory tracking, up-selling, user reviews etc.

Out of Stock Notification Magento Extension


This is a really strong tool for your online store. Out Of Stock Notification Magento Extension help you aware of what products customers subscribe to so that you can easily get more sales and improve customer service.

  • It allows both customers and guests to subscribe to out of stock product. so that admins can know which product customers subscribe, it prevents from wasting money and helps improve inventory turnaround and get more profit.
  • Admins can decide which customers want to buy and load your stock with the products which your online store can sell right away. That help Build customer loyalty and increase customer satisfactionbSubscribe to out-of stock options of configurable items.
  • By keeping in stock the products which customers want to buy, you will sell products a lot quicker and save on inventory.
  • Customers see and manage their product subscriptions. When stock is not available, then out of stock notification option feature is displayed in the product’s view page. everything will be displayed clearly and usefully.

To summerize, using Out Of Stock Notification Extension for Magento allow both customers and admins work efficiency and increase satisfaction. It is no doubt that this extension have ability to improve your magento shopping cart. You can try the demo version to experience its benefits: download-now-button

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