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Improve Shopping Cart and Boost Conversion Rates


With ecommerce, sales and conversion has to happen via the shopping cart that leads to the checkout page. In my opinion, the shopping cart is where most marketers fall short and thus lose what they have gained with great pains.

In this article, I will talk about some ways that you should do to get all those sales and optimize your shopping cart to perfection, in order to boost conversions.

  1. Best Shopping Cart Design

The shopping cart is an important part of ecommerce website. A shopping cart with great design will contribute to impress customers. But it’s not all; firstly, a good shopping cart need have clear design and have enough necessary information for shoppers.

Secondly, after confirmation of the products in the cart, users should stay on the same page. Then it will help they can easily to click on checkout button. Sometime, the slow reloads of the shopping cart page may confuse the buyers. Most likely it would lead them to abandon their carts. So, the shopping cart with no-reload is much better.


Apple does it right in showing the product and its details in the shopping cart and prompting the user to proceed with a green Call to Action.

  1. Cross-category Connections

With cross category connections, we can recommend shoppers something that complements the products they have purchased to add into their cart. We can do that to refer them to the recommended product after or just before they complete their purchase. The store owners can connect main category product with other products from other categories which match or accessories and supplements. This is a good solution to widen average order.

Examples: bands and batteries for watches, earphones for cellphone, bags and shoes.


A cross-sell is a product that complements the existing purchase but is from a different category.

There are also add-on sales. Add-on sales refer to little services that go along with the product. If while purchasing a smart phone or laptop you also added the extended warranty that’s an add-on that you fell for.

  1. Collaborative Filtering

Sometimes the results from collaborative filtering could give better results than logical connections between categories. The collaborative filtering works like: if we see that customers purchase product A and product B together, we should show everybody who saw product a product B and vice versa. Sequences of products that customers often browse or purchase together could be unpredictable but it’s efficient.

It also called bundle sales. There are not many companies use collaborative filtering in their activity. Amazon is an example; it is famous for bundling products together. There are also some companies such as Softcube, they provide easy integration of personalised recommendation services to online stores of different sizes.


  1. Guest Checkout

Sometimes, many customers are not comfortable because they need to be registered to be able to complete the purchase. For the ecommerce site which requires users to sign up and log-in before complete the purchase, we need to know that they will lose 25% of traffic and it means that they will lose their sales opportunities.

The guest checkout allows users can make the purchase without need to register. You can save the information that the user entered in checkout process and make a suggestion to register an account after they complete their purchase. The thank you page serves as a great place to ask this. You may also want to abandon using the term “Register” for obvious reasons.shopping-cart-4

  1. Ecommerce Checkout – Security

Security is an important thing when shopping online. Many customers are concerned about the safety when making payments on the ecommerce site. When you display security seals, the trust of your customers will increase a lot.

Have a survey by Econsultancy which confirms that it was trust seals that gave users the greatest sense of trust when shopping. Over 48% of users confirmed this and the site’s design aroused trust in only 32% of shoppers.



The shopping cart is the last step in a conversion funnel. Make sure your shopping cart works perfectly without any mistakes. The operation of shopping carts can affect immediately and directly to your sales.


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