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Interesting Ecommerce Trends and Predictions for 2016 and Beyond


The New Year 2016 has come very close. In the past year, we’ve seen a huge growth of ecommerce and surely that it will keep growing in the next year. To prepare for New Year, this article will give you some interesting ecommerce trends and predictions for 2016 and beyond.

# Multi-Channel Shopping May Make or Break Your Business

When consumers find a cool product online, they will go to Amazon and find find it on there. Because at Amazon, they can find a wide selection of unique items from varying sellers and the special is that they only need to make a single payment at the end.

Nowadays, many ecommerce sellers know the benefits of selling through multiple channels. But, if don’t list products on places like Amazon, Etsy or ThemeForest, maybe some businesses are starting to experience problems.

# Connecting with Customers Through Social Media is Not Enough

The power of social media in marketing is undeniable; here is the place where businesses can connect with their customers and get them to like or comment on their content. Social media also can send people to your product pages when linked.

But now, the social ecommerce is a bit changing, there are many social networks who started to open up their systems for selling. Example like Pinterest and Twitter have announced buttons that companies can use to post and sell their items directly through the social networks.

# An Integration of Online and Offline with Beacon Technology

Beacon technology is the new technology, it works when your phone or tablet keeps searching for a beacon. The physical stores can implement physical beacons in the shops, so if someone walks in, their phone accepts the signal and provides something like a promotion. We can see that the advent of beacon technology made online and offline are coming together more than ever.

# The Popup Makes an Effective Comeback

In fact, there are many internet users hated the popup. But it’s making a huge comeback in the past six to twelve months. Some reasonable strategies to use popup will bring efficiency. For example, in some website, the new popups are generally only to give away something for free in exchange for email addresses. And popup never come back, or come back rarely, when the customer has signed up for the email list. The nuisance will be greatly reduced.

# Huge Images and Videos Deliver Stunning Homepages

Using huge Images and Videos for homepage is not a new trend. It has been used quite a lot in 2015, but this trend will keep growing in 2016.

The beautiful and huge images/videos have delivered beautiful introductions for companies; it helps them to explain the purpose of the site in a few minute video, or a stunning image.

# Virtual Sales Forces Become Highly Implemented

Normally, online support teams always sat around to wait for a customer to send in a question before/after buying. But now, a huge shift is coming. There are more and more ecommerce businesses that using pop ups or chat modules and other tools for sales people to convince customers to buy before they make a decision instead of waiting for customers to buy like before.

# Mobile is Not Recommended, but Required for Survival

This is one of the most essential things, absolutely that you won’t want to running out of time to remain competitive when the mobile buying numbers are gradually moving up every quarter. Let start to build a mobile friendly site right today.

# Online Loyalty Programs Continue to Grow

The online loyalty program doesn’t have a big growth like other marketing techniques. However, surely that it will improve a lot in next year along with the improvement of technology.

# Niche Flash Sales See an Explosion

Keep in mind that the urgency is often too much to pass up. So, offer your customers the flash sales is a great strategy to boosting your sales. If you have 1000 people are browsing on your site, it will be a large chance to selling your products if you offer them a flash sale popup.

Real Time Analytics Become the Norm

The analytics is always important in business. The development of technology allows you can have the real time analytics of your business. It will help you can see how customers react while on the site, improving how you make decisions on the spot.


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