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How to keep your Magento away from Ransomware


I’m sure you all know that preventing is always better than cure. It is especially true with business owners on the World Wide Web. Regardless of methods hackers use, the final aim is still gaining access to the web files, they are stealthily encrypted and hidden on secret servers that you cannot find. After that, hackers will require web owners for ransom. You may find this case the same as a sense straight out of a movie, but it is real. Web owners have to pay a ransom amount to save his digital data that is kidnapped. Generally, that money will not small and it will hurt directly to your revenue as well as credibility. So, let’s study about what is Ransomware:

What is Ransomware?

In short, Ransomware is a kind of attack on Magento online stores by exploiting vulnerabilities of these stores or the vulnerability of the server software and then installing malware to the server. Next, hackers will require business owners to pay ransom if they want to save their valuable data. Of course, most of the owners will pay to save their business, then the hacker will hand over the key that is used to facilitate decryption of the data. In some case, when web owners are hesitated, hackers even increase ransom amount by twice.

Recently, Magento developers have taken an action of removing one of its extensions to, which will help in fending off the CMS malware. This method is hoped can eliminate a specific computer code extension that leads to the attack of hackers. Magento is known as one of the most popular platforms in the world, so it is to fertilize plant for hackers to exploit.

But, don’t worry, here are some steps for you to take to prevent Ransomware attacks against Magento stores?

+ Update Magento version frequently:

The time and money you spend to update Magento version will deserve what you can gain because it will prevent your site from hackers who try to break into your stores. So, if you are constant Magento user, it will be easier for you to update new versions frequently since updating will helps you remove all the weaknesses of old ones and improve security.

+ Back up:

Only when you cope with ransomware risk, do you recognize the importance of back up. Taking frequent back will not take you too much time and you also find it so easy to take. You also can set up the frequency for back up the task. Generally, Ransomware works on a premise that if the data is fully encrypted on to the server. Therefore, let’s be active in facing any kind of a disaster, in this case I mean Ransomware.

+ Stronger password:

Of course, if you use a long and stronger password, it will far harder for hackers to crack. I highly recommend password including both letters ( capital and small letters) and numbers.

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