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What are key B2B eCommerce trends to emerge in 2019?


It’s no secret that the B2B world is shifting to eCommerce. As Forrester recently reported, the US B2B eCommerce market is now estimated at $1.1 trillion and should hit $1.8 trillion, or 17% of all B2B sales, by 2023. For B2B merchants, particularly manufacturers with little eCommerce experience, the prospect of making a play in this market are daunting. So, what are key trends to emerge (or intensify) in the coming year for B2B?


The #1 trend emerging in B2B is convenience. If you make eCommerce a simple, productive, efficient experience—which includes the right product, with the right features, at the right price, delivered at the right time—then you win.

Of course, becoming more convenient means you have to know what your customers need. It might be the ability to order “eaches” of a product which has only been available in large quantities up till now. It might be eCommerce for internal sales teams that gives them the ability to place orders on behalf of multiple customers. The list is endless, and it depends on your unique business needs.

At the end of the day, business buyers just want convenience. While the B2C world is trying to figure out how to find new customers, the B2B world is just trying to make the experience more convenient. You’ll find that convenience in the details, not in the big stuff.

UX and site accessibility

Last year, we already saw a shift in how store owners treat their B2B sites. They started to realize that B2B customers also care about (and are heavily influenced by) the UX and site accessibility. Even more, B2B store owners will focus on improving the storefronts of their B2B sites, as nowadays, businesses care about ease of use and automation more than ever.


Another key trend is automation. A few years back, only big companies used eCommerce automation. Now it doesn’t matter whether it is a small business or a large enterprise—every company wants to automate their daily work. It is just a matter of time until eCommerce automation becomes a standard as widespread as mobile responsiveness.


The above are a few share information about key B2B eCommerce trends to emerge in 2019 and specialize in the printing industry. Hopefully, the article has brought the most overview for you.

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