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Magento Ajax Cart Extension: solution for better Shopping Cart


Shopping cart abandonment is something like a threat to online business because it has a direct impact on sales. The higher rates of shopping cart abandonment, the more you lose your revenue. That’s why businesses are always finding the solution to fight with cart abandonment and increase conversions.

Many things can impact abandonment rates, it may cause by the distracted by other sites, the checkout process problem, the bad shopping experience, etc… But today, we will talk about a specific aspect; reduce cart abandonment by improving your shopping cart. If you provide a great shopping experience, there is no reason for customers to drop their carts.

So, what makes your shopping cart becomes great with consumers? Here are 3 things:

The speed

The speed of the website does not only impact the overall experience but also has a direct effect on consumers to make them decide that they should continue shopping or go somewhere else. If your site, as well as your cart page, is not loading quickly enough, consumers will become tired and frustrated, they are more likely to leave your site. That’s why speed is the thing that you should pay attention to.

The convenience

An aspect I want to mention here is about the feature that helps shoppers to add items in their cart and allows them to come back and buys at another time. You know, the customer is not always finding product and buy it for the first time. There are many reasons why they want to hold products in their carts and make the purchase later; they are probably waiting until payday or just need time to make purchase decisions.

The accessibility

The good shopping cart should easily to access and use. If they cannot see where they should click on to see their cart info, how they can use it? So makes sure that your shopping cart is visible with users and helps them to see their cart anytime, anywhere on your site. A cart with a live preview will be a good choice.

What is the easiest way you can do to improve your e-commerce shopping cart?

With Magento, using extension is an effective way to make your site better. There are many Magento extensions with various purposes available in the marketplace. Today I will introduce you Magento Ajax Cart Pro Extension, an extension that helps you to create a powerful shopping cart. This is a product that focused on improving the speed, convenience and the accessibility of Magento cart feature.

Here are the most outstanding features that explain why I have recommended this Magento Ajax Cart extension:

  • Add products from a listing page:

    Allow customers to add the item to cart right from the listing page, they don’t need to go back the product page as default.

  • Able to choose options of a product before clicking “add to cart”:

    When adding the product to the cart, customers also can choose the additional details of the product like quantity, size, color, etc…

  • Quickly update a mini cart:

    This feature allows customers to update their cart quickly, they don’t need to go-cart page to update/remove the product.

  • Display empty/update/checkout buttons on the mini cart:

    It provides more options for the mini cart. Admin can set-up in the back-end.

  • Animation effect for Magento Ajax cart:

    The animation effects make your cart looks smoothly, also make your customers feel more comfortable.

  • Support multiple themes:

    There are 5 colors available (Blue, Black, Pink, Red, Gray) for store owners to choose in the admin panel.

  • Easily customize theme colors:

    Admins can customize the cart’s interface such as width of dropdown list, border colors, set widht and height of images thumbnails, etc…


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