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Magento Ajax Cart Pro Extension: a Smart Solution For Ecommerce Website


For all e-commerce websites, shopping cart is always one of the most important parts. A good shopping cart will help your customers easy to choose products, buying products by the most convenient way. Today, there are many e-commerce sites are built up from the opensource such as: Joomla, Virtuemart, Magento, WordPress, etc… all of them are very good and powerful platforms which help we can build a website easily than ever.

According to statistics from BuiltWith, Magento is currently the most popular web platform used to build the e-commerce site. It means that certainty Magento must own the best features for ecommerce to get trusted by users. And that’s right, magento is a platform was developed to help we can create a powerful ecommerce website. This really is a great ecommerce solution.

However, like the other opensource, although supported many good features but with some specific requirements, then magento still needs the support from the extended extension.

Back to the main issue today, for some sites, the default shopping cart of Magento will not sufficient to meet the entire demand of website owners. And to remedy this, we should use magento extensions. With Virtuemart, we have an awesome solution is Ajax Drop down Cart for Virtuemart, that is an virtuemart extension which helps to replace default shopping cart by a new and stronger Drop down shopping cart. And for Magento, we also have a magento extension to help you upgrade your default shopping cart. That is Magento Ajax Cart Pro.

Magento Ajax Cart Pro Extension: a smart solution for ecommerce website

Ajax Cart Pro is a Magento extension allows customers can do shopping with a very strong shopping cart. Normally, when customers want to buy a product, they need to choose product then click to go to cart page, if they want to buy another product they needs back to product page and then go to cart page again. So many step to do, right? But now, with Magento Ajax cart your customers can easy to choose product, add product or delete product from shopping cart… with no need to re-load page.


Now, we’ll discover about the features of Magento Ajax Cart Pro Extension

  • Add/ Update/ Remove products from cart instantly: customers can easily to add/update/remove product by clicking button and no need to reload with Ajax.
  • Able to choose options of a product before clicking “add to cart”: With product having custom options, customers don’t have to go to the product detail page every time they need to select some options and change the number of items. All the product option will be display in Pop-up window so the customer can specify their choice and add to cart.
  • Add products to the cart from listing page: customers can add products right in listing page and no need to go back product page. This save a lot of time.
  • Quickly update a mini cart: the mini cart always displays and you can update cart everywhere, anytime without need to go to cart page.
  • Animation effect for magento Ajax cart: animation effects from Magento Ajax cart will make customers more interesting while shopping in your site.
  • Display empty/update/checkout buttons on mini cart: the button in mini cart allows customer to do everything with 1-click.
  • Support multiple themes and easily customize theme colors: admin can choose color from 5 default colors or can create shopping cart with unlimited colors. It’s easy to create the most suitable cart’s color for your site.

So, to get a closer look of this Magento Ajax Cart Pro Extension, feel free to try LIVE DEMO right now.

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