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Magento Call For Price Extension – an amazing tool to support your site

In almost all cases, consumer choices are driven by prices. We can see that the price is a determining factor in business and customer’s choice. The decision to put your prices on your site is a strategic one for your business. It’s very important due to different reasons that store owners may need to remove the prices from their pages.

Reasons Not to Put Prices on Your Site

The price was decided base on customized services or product. Sometimes you can’t show your prices, because each person gets a customized quote based on what they need from your store.

  • You’re afraid your competitors will find out how much you charge. You are concerned that competitors will change their prices to mimic yours. Competitors will be build a price- campaign to attract customers.
  • You feel that customer need to talk with you first, so that you can supply them more details to persuade them buy the products or services.
  • You have a price fixing which is a conscious agreement among businesses to keep the price of something unnaturally high or low, instead of letting free-market forces determine what each customer pays.
  • You’re concerned that if someone sees your prices but doesn’t reach out to you, you won’t have any way to connect with them in the long term. So that you want they follow your website before receive your information about price of products.
  • These items are free, out of stock or their prices change frequently and need to be verified by phone. But store owners usually face various difficulties while adding such goods to their websites.

But, Customers want to know what they’re going to pay for your service or product. Many customers will not do business with a company who is not forthcoming about pricing.  So how can you hide the prices on website but still supply full detail about prices of products to your customers? Let’s refer about Magento Call For Price Extension to find the solution for this issue.


Magento Call For Price Extension

The Magento Call for Price extension is an amazing tool to save potential clients and help you continue the dialogue with them. It allows you to leave message to your clients and suggest them make a call. You can hide product price, “Add to Cart” button and replace to an eye-catching call-to action text or anything else in your Magento store. Use Call for Price can help your online store establish a contact with your customers and supply additional information about the product that customers are paying attention to.

Some powerful features that can make you want to install it immediately:

  • Magento Call for Price Extension encourage customers to call for pricing.
  • You can hide product price, “Add to Cart” button and add custom message to: product page; category; search results list; wishlist…
  • Prioritize messages for displaying
  • Show tooltip per every notice (HTML support)
  • Remove price, “Add to cart” button and display a message instead during specific time interval
  • Ability to enable Call For Price to all products and disable for a separate one
  • Flexible settings via rules
  • Same conditions as in catalog price rules
  • Main product types support such as simple and configurable
  • Products with custom options support
  • Multi-store support

In short that the consumers want to see prices of products and services while many business owners have reasons why they prefer to not include pricing. But now you can solve this issue with ease thanks to Magento Call for Price Extension. You can access to CMSMART website to get this extension and the great support from CMSMART TEAM for your store: http://cmsmart.net/magento-extensions/magento-call-for-price-extension.

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