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Magento Color Swatch Extension for Ecommerce Website


When you go to a brick and mortar store, you can choose product and hold it in your hands to see the color, the material of product. But when you shopping online, you cannot do that, you can only read the description and see the product images. This is one of the biggest reasons why consumers feel hesitant to make a decision to buy a product from online stores, especially in a fashion store. There are many consumers may wondering that: in real life, what does it look like?

In order to encourage consumers to buy a product, the retailers should provide the features which allow them to have a visual look about product. In this case, providing the high-quality images of product, the images from different angles and the different colors… So, the Magento color swatch extension was developed to help online business owners can do that.

Why should use this extension?

If you are selling products with many different colors or designs, this Magento color swatch extension will be a necessary extension for your store. This extension will help your customers see how product can be looked at variations colors or designs.

The administrators can easily to use this extension; they just need to assign image from gallery with the attribute they want and enable image switcher in product detail page. There are many attribute types such as color, size, material and thumbnail images. In the back-end, admin can freely to customize the swatch options for product images and thumbnails.

Moreover, Magento color swatch extension allows setting multiple attributes for a single product which has different swatch images. The swatch images can be customized for any status such as normal, hover and enable/disable in Admin Panel.

Once admin enables this extension, your customers can go to product detail page then choose the colors or any attributes that they want to see. This extension also provides the zooming tool, so customers can see the product images in a more detailed way.

To understand more about this Magento Color Swatch Extension with Zoom, we are going to discover the outstanding features of this product:

  • Use images for selecting attributes: this feature allows customers to see the final version of product that they want to buy. They can select the attributes and they will see the different variants of product.
  • Apply several attributes with swatch images on a single product: multiple attributes can be applied to a single product and you can set thumbnail to icon or upload image for each attribute.
  • Select an option value by clicking directly on the image: this extension will automatically load and display images of product when customers clicking on the attribute.
  • View image details with elegant zoom: it will be useful for customers who want to see product images in more detailed way. There are 5 types of zoom effects which available to use.
  • View image details with lightbox effects: this makes the process of image viewing friendlier with users or you can choose to use images together with text.
  • Two different styles available: this extension provides 2 styles so store owners can choose the style which will be used in front-end.
  • Display swatch attribute selected in Back-end: these swatch attributes selected here will be the new tab on the back screen. Admin also can customize icon size.


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