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Magento Color Swatch Extension


E-commerce in general, shopping online in particular is a trend in modern life. Benefits of shopping online are undeniable, but besides the strengths, shopping online is still exists the problem that we need to resolve.

We have a problem which makes some people hesitate when shopping online it’s sometimes they feel difficult to know what exactly the product that they want to buy looks like. Especially for some products which have many kinds of designs and different colors such as fashion items, accessories, furniture etc… So many customers prefer to buy products directly at the store than sitting in front of computer and imagining the color, the shape of these products.

To solve this problem, the online stores owners need adding to their sites the feature that helps customers can easily to view images/photos, the color of the product. So, Magento Color Swatch Extension was developed to helps the store owners, who use Magento website can solve that problem.

What is Magento Color Swatch Extension?

Magento Color Swatch Extension is a product of CMSmart team, it was developed to provide the Magento store a feature that helps displays color swatches or color switchers on the product details page by replacing drop-down custom options.

This extension can use for many product attributes (color, size, and thumbnail images). Moreover, it can work well with different product types.

Some highlight features of Magento Color Swatch Extension you should know

  • Use images for selecting attributes: as mentioned above, this product will help customers see the image of the product with different options such as color, shape, etc… Moreover, they can also use the zoom feature to see the pictures by the most clearly way.
  • Apply several attributes with swatch images on a single product: it allows admin to use image thumbnail to icon or upload image for each attribute.
  • Select an option value by clicking directly on the image: this extension can automatically load images and price of the associated simple products chosen by customers. For example, if a customer want to choose green color and size M, then the extension will show the images and price of the simple product which stands behind these selections.
  • View image details with elegant zoom: the zoom effect helps customers can have a closely examine all the product details. They can select image attributes as much as they want to see different variants of the product, zooming images and eventually choose what they like. The zoomer is not only a simple add-on, it’s also a powerful module with 5 types of zoom effects and a full list of configuration features in back-end for administrators.
  • View image details with lightbox effects: The lightbox option allows admin to make the process of viewing image more conveniently & friendly for users. Admin can also use images together with text.
  • 2 different styles available: with 2 different styles available, it enables admin to choose a style for their site.
  • Display swatch attribute selected in Back-end: admin can easily to managing the swatch attributes which selected with the new tab will be displayed in back-end.


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