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Magento Color Swatches Pro Extension

Color Swatches Pro is a Magento color selector module which presents configurable products on a new level by animating boring text attributes. Be creative in presenting products to stand out in competitive crowd.


Use images for attributes selection
Let customers buy configurables from category pages
No need to specify price difference for associated products
Reload product images, name and description with AJAX
View image details with elegant zoom and lightbox effects

Let your customers see the final version of the product they are buying to reduce the returns resulting from customer frustration.
Customers can select image attributes as many times as they want to see different variants of the product, zoom images and eventually choose what they like.

Automatically use price of associated simple products, get rid of manual input of price difference.

By default in Magento you have to specify price difference for options of configurable products. E.g. color green +$10. No need to do this annoying thing anymore – now price of the simple products will be used automatically. So if you import a few thousand of associated products with updated prices, you will not need to spend a couple days updating price difference for configurable products.

Prove to customers that your products are of the highest quality.

In what way? – Give your customers a great view of the product. Using our Magento color picker extension, clients can zoom and see every detail of the product.

Master one more segment of users, who don’t believe Internet is a place for shopping.
Convince your customers you are the one they should deal with by showing them products in detail without hiding anything.

Use images instead of plain text.

Apply images as options for configurable products and make your store intuitive for customers.
Upload images for all attributes set for configurable products and then use the images for selection of configurable product options.

Use images of associated products for swatches of one attribute, e.g. color.
You can save some time by using resized images of associated simple products for swatches of one of the attributes, e.g. color. Also this enables you to have unique Magento color swatches for each configurable product. All you need to do is select the attribute for which the feature should be activated. It can be selected individually for each product.

Images are easier to understand.

In fact they are multi-language means of communication, which don’t need to be translated. It will be a lot simpler and quicker for customers to select the right options.

Additional usability features.

With lightbox and zoom options you make the process of image viewing a lot more user-friendly. Alternatively you can use images together with text.

Detail: Magento Color Swatches Pro Extension

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