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Magento Configurable Preselect Extension

Select an associated item of configurable product, which you would like to show by default. Attract customers and increase offers by showing the most popular combinations!

Promote popular combinations of configurable products
Cut down time to figure out the options
Add combination to cart with one click
Simplify shopping in you online shop

Shows most common attributes combination
When a customer gets to a page of any Magento configurable product, there are no options chosen and it can make him or her confused. Configurable Preselect is an appropriate tool to show some popular combination to customers at once. Of course, customers will be able to choose a different configuration when needed.

Give direct links to options of configurable products
For example you have product url http://your_site_url.com/product.phtml. Add ‘?sel=’ and id of the simple product after the url to get a link like http://yoururl.com/product.phtml?sel=2. Or add ‘?sel=’ and SKU of the simple product after the url to get a link like http://yoururl.com/product.html?sel=SKU. When a customer opens such link, the Magento configurable product page will display the simple product, id or sku of which is indicated in the link.

Shopping process simplification

Minimizes the number of mouse clicks
The default combination can be added by customers to cart with just one click. It is a great way to increase web shop usability.

Take care of your customers
The real price for combination will be displayed right away, not of the base product. It won’t baffle customers and they will make right decisions for combinations they need.



Detail: Magento Configurable Preselect Extension

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