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Magento Custom Options Extension


The extension lets you specify individual product custom options for each group of customers.

Display of product custom options by customer groups
Offer individual custom options for each group
Special custom options for all groups
Individual prices for each group

Indicate customers groups to which a custom option should be available.

When creating magento custom options for a product you can specify for which customer groups the options should be visible (it is possible to make options visible to all customer groups). It means that particular custon option will be visable only for certain customers who are included in the group.Using that method you won’t offend another customers.

Excellent chance to display your specials

Optimize you front end page

On front end customers can see and select only custom options assigned to their group. It means customers won’t be confused and won’t have unnecessary information. It is very handy to use if you have some special deals for some customers groups and don’t want let see that offers to another customers.

Offer unique custom options to each (or some) customer group.

  • You can let members of Gold (or Wholesale, Platinum, etc) customer group choose a free gift, while members of other groups will not see such option. That feature can be used as a powerful promotion tool inside your online shop. Some interesting gifts or discount can be offered only for particular customer group.
  • You can create the same options for all groups, however with different pricing for each group. An outstanding opportunity divide product rpices for different customers groups.

Widely applicable exntension

Works for all types of products which support custom options.

It means that you can use that extension with a big list of products. The main criterion – products should support custom options.

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