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Magento Customer Attributes Extension Download

Magento Customer Attributes Extension

For any shop owner, knowing your customers is key to a successful business. 90% of our Magento customers always ask for extra customer attributes within the registration forms i.e. the checkout registration and the customer account area.

Here at Green Acorn, we have developed an easy to use Magento Customer Attributes extension. This will allow you to gather as much information as possible from your customers. For example Where did you here about us?

The module allows you to add the custom attributes and manage within a grid via Magento admin. You can also filter and sort by attribute name, type and code.

Key Features of Magento Customer Attributes extension: 

  • Manage customer attributes via the magento admin.
  • Create unlimited amount of customer attributes via the admin.
  • Update and delete customer attributes
  • Choose between different attributes types i.e. Dropdown, multiselect
  • Set default attribute values.
  • Control the sort order of customer attributes.
  • Choose whether the attribute is required or not.
  • Edit newly created attributes via the Magento customer area.
  • Choose what forms the attributes appear in i.e. checkout registration
  • Display customer attributes in the customer account area.
  • Attributes automatically appear in the forms (No code needed)
  • Input Validation i.e. must be an email address
  • Admin and store view labels
  • And much more..

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