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Magento Delivery Date Extension – An Useful Extension for Ecommerce Store

2015 is a year that e-commerce has become more popular than ever. E-commerce helps the businesses can reach customers around the world. And it also helps the customer can buy product without need to pay attention to the issue of geography and time, it allows you shopping anytime and anywhere through your PC or your mobile devices.

The convenience of e-commerce is undeniable, however, the convenience of e-commerce is undeniable, but e-commerce still has issues that need to be tackled. Payment and shipping are always the things that that customer always pays attention when shopping online.

If you have a magento website, you can use one step magento checkout which can help you to create a great payment & checkout feature. For virtuemart website, we have one step checkout for virtuemart which also bring to virtuemart site a very powerful checkout feature. In addition to paying attention to payment & billing, customers are also pay attention to how their products will be shipped. It’s so great if you website can own feature that allows customers to select the date and time when they want to get their goods and choose the shipping method.

Right now, we have a solution for that. The Magento Delivery Date is a magento extension which was developed to help you finishing your perfect website. Your site will own the feature to make customers able to choose the time of shipping and choose the shipping method also.


To know what are the features this Magento Delivery Date Extension will bring to your site, now let’s take a look closer to this product. Here are the main features of this extension.

For customers:

  • Customers can choose the day, time when want their goods to be delivering.
  • Users can’t select previous dates or dates which are not available from delivery services.
  • Customers also can choose available hours or custom time
  • Magento Delivery Date allows customers to write messages for delivery service owners
  • After choosed date & time of delivery, customers can review the info of their orders.
  • If customers want to choose the custom date and time of delivery, so they can choose hours for delivery service and pay fee for it.
  • Order delivery date magento enable to manage delivery Time (Add/edit/delete)
  • Customers’ orders will be displayed date, time and messages

For admin:

  • Admin can configure exclude public holidays for this extension
  • Allows admin to manage date and time exceptions, easy to add / edit days off
  • Admin can configuration flexible delivery schedule
  • Magento delivery date supported for multi-store, multi-currency and multi language

The video How to Use Magento Delivery Date Extension

Above are the main features of this product. Make sure that when you use this extension for your online store, so your customers will be very satisfied with the convenience that it brings. Use this extension right today to complete your ecommerce site. The customer satisfaction absolutely will help you to improve sales.

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