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Magento Easy Catalog Images 2.0 extension Download

The usability of store interface is the right way to keep the users on your store page. Immediately loadable image of the large catalog product will help the user to faster decide to purchase. Default Magento drop down menu doesn’t provide user friendly way to browser stores with large catalogs.Templates-Master offers you to try our free extension Easy Catalog Images 2.0 to make the usability of store interface more user-friendly. Our extension allows you to use better navigation such as child categories listing on the category page. Also you can add more links and keywords to category page, which leads to an improvement of visual perception in terms SEO.

Thumbnails field and category images underlies the display of the image. If thumbnails field is empty, the category images field will be used. We do suggest to assign categories images to thumbnail field as it doesn’t used to show it as banner on category view layout. Flexible configuration of Easy Catalog Images extension allows you to set image size, number of categories to display, enable the image resize, etc. Also you can place category listing using Magento widget on any store page according to your requirements.



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