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Magento Generate and Import Coupons Extension

Import and generate thousands of coupons per shopping cart price rule literally within seconds. Export coupon codes for your affiliates. View coupon usage statistics. Start Groupon deals.

Generate and import unlimited number of codes for each rule
Work with deal hosting services like Groupon
View and export coupon usage reports, e.g. for Groupon
Ability to edit and delete each coupon code
Give coupons via URLs, e.g. via a banner link

Have multiple coupon codes per shopping cart price rule.
This is very convenient, as you will not need to create the same rule many times just to have multiple codes for it. Our Magento coupon code module supports this feature starting from Magento CE 1.4.2.

Import coupon codes to shopping cart price rules.
You can import unlimited number of coupons from a CSV file, so if you host deals on websites like Groupon, you won’t need to waste hours or even days to create thousands of shopping cart price rules. We did experiments with thousands of coupons codes – it took a couple seconds. Imported coupons inherit values of ‘Uses per Coupon’ and ‘Uses per Customer’ parameters from the main coupon.

Generate multiple coupon codes per rule.
magento coupon code generator
Take advantage of the Magento coupon code generator tool. The coupons are generated based on templates that you create. You can use a separate template each time. Generation algorithm will replace ‘L’ and ‘D’ symbols used within the templates with random letters and digits. You can generate thousands of coupons in one go, as we did while testing the extension, and it would take just moments. Generated coupons inherit values of ‘Uses per Coupon’ and ‘Uses per Customer’ parameters from the main coupon.

Cooperate successfully with Groupon-like services and your affiliates.

Coupons usage report.
magento coupon code extension
Groupon requires its partners to provide coupons usage report including shipping tracking number. Now the module enables you to generate and export such reports into CSV format. For your convenience, it is possible to filter coupons by a certain groupon shopping cart rule to get usage information only for a particular promotion. Also you can filter the report by order ids, coupon codes, shipping tracking numbers and other data. Coupons usage report works both for manually added coupons and imported ones.

Export coupon codes.
magento coupon code
You can also export Magento voucher codes. The output file will contain not only the coupon codes themselves, but also values of ‘Uses per Coupon’, ‘Uses per Customer’ and ‘Times Used’ for each code. You can provide this information to your affiliates and/or sales representatives, who in their turn can distribute the coupons among the customers.

Coupons via URLs.
With the help of the extension you can easily create links like http://yourwebsite.com/any-landing-page.html?coupon=XYZ-987, by clicking which customers will get coupons applied automatically. This will work great for promotional banners.

Also you can place the discount code links on your affiliate sites, so that your promotions attract a much larger audience and you get more profit.

magento coupon
Usability and performance.

magento voucher codes
Edit and delete each individual magento coupon code.
By default promo codes are generated and imported according to the setup of the main coupon, however you can edit ‘Uses per Coupon’ and ‘Uses per Customer’ parameters and the promo code itself for each coupon. Also you can delete individual coupons.

High performance.
The extension uses optimized queries and therefore coupons are generated and imported very quickly.

Enrich the list of your promotional possibilities

Draw new clients
Try also our Facebook & Twitter Promo extension to expand your promotional possibilities. Motivate new audience to join your social media community and raise your conversion rate.

Surprise your customers
Amaze your customers with the ability to apply multiple discount coupons to one order and make their shopping process more comfortable. With the help of the Multiple Coupons extension you’ll easily set the appropriate number of coupons for any item in your store incentivizing clients return to your shop and make more purchases.

Convert occasional clients into regular buyers
Exploit the magic power of coupons to the full! Show your care and attention to customers. Send them coupons on special occasions, such as birthday, or just to praise them for registration. The Special Occasion Coupons module allows you to easily create various types of coupons to dramatically increase customer loyalty.

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