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Magento Gift Registry Extension Download

Magento Gift Registry Extension - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Why Is A Gift Registry Powerful?

A Magento Gift Registry Extension is a powerful tool for boosting online sales and driving new customers to your store! This extension will easily allow customers to receive and give gifts all while sharing their gift registry to friends and family!

Customer Frontend Functions

1. Customer can add a new Gift Registry based on Gift Registry Types that the admin has set. For example: Baby Shower, Wedding, and Birthday Gift Registries.

2. Customer can give their Gift Registry an event name and description. They can also set what city the event will be held in and even enter their last name which makes searching for a gift registry easy.

3. Registry Owner can at anytime edit the event name, description, last name, event date, and event city.

4. Registry Owner has the ability to even delete their registry and start over.

5. Registry Owner can add as many products to their Gift Registry as needed.

6. Registry Owner can easily set the quantity amount requested for each product.

7. The Registry Owner can easily see how many products were ordered and the quantity amount fulfilled.

8. Registry Owner has the ability to share their Gift Registry with all their friends and family.

9. When customers order products for a Gift Registry owner, the Gift Registry will automatically update with the quantity amount ordered so other friends and family can see how many products still need to be purchased.

10. Registry Owner has the ability to update the quantity requested, delete products, and even add to their own cart.

11. Customers can easily search Gift Registries by Event Name, Registry Types, Last Name, and even Event City.

12. Customer must be logged in to Share or Create Gift Registries.

13. Link to their Gift Registry is also in the Customer Account Dashboard.

14. Only those who are logged in and with an active Gift Registry, will see the option to add a products to their Gift Registry from the product pages.

Admin Backend Options

1. Admin can easily Manage and update the Gift Registry Types.

2. Admin has the full ability to edit or delete any customer Gift Registry.

3. Admin can change any Gift Registry Type.

4. Admin can hide Gift Registry Types.

5. Gift Registry tab added in the Customer Information area to easily see if a customer has a Gift Registry.

6. The admin can manage and edit Email templates for Gift Registry Sharing.

7. If the admin needs to cancel a Gift Registry order for any reason, than the qty ordered in the Gift Registry will automatically reflect the correct qty ordered amount. For example, if the qty ordered shows (5) and the admin had to cancel the order for (3) then the qty ordered will return back to (2) automatically.

This gift registry also has the English Translation file for easy editing of the wording.

If you would like to see more features, please feel free to let me know!


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