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Magento Google Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking – Keep Tracking Your Site by Easiest Way

E-commerce is growing in popularity around the world and ongoing development. We may encounter ecommerce everywhere and in all industries. Many companies now spend an interest and investment to build for them an e-commerce site. However, due to the explosion of ecommerce also makes the competition between e-commerce sites become more intense.

To make an ecommerce site work well, the owner needs manage and assess all the parameters of the website such as: traffic, traffic sources or even all information about clients (age, interests …). That is the basis for the owner to propose an business plan effectively.

Google Analytics is a tool that is very famous and powerful of google for webmasters/website owner and this is a web analytics service freemium Offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic.

If you have an ecommerce website which builds on Magento Platform and you want to get all informations about your site in Google Analytics and bring all of them into your Magento Store. Today, I will recommend for you an extension which i called is “Magento Google Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking“. This an extension will help you add Google Universal Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking on your Magento store.



The Magento Google Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking Extension is a product of Scommerce Mage. Like the introduction of the product: “The extension adds Google Universal Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking on your Magento store. It comes with options to enable display feature, anonymize ip and enhanced e-commerce tracking on your Magento website“. This extension allows you to implement new Google Analytics and replacing old Google Analytics Tracking. Magento Google Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking fully compatible and works well with Magento Community 1.4.x – 1.9.x and Magento Enterprise 1.8.x – 1.14.x

5 Main Features Website Owner will get when using Magento Google Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking Extension

  • Its compatible sub-domains and multi-domain websites and works with cross domain auto linking using linker plugin. You can link two google analytics accounts if you have more than one website and you want to link them to main google analytics account.
  • Website owner will get all Shopping and Checkout Behaviour Report, Product and Sales Peformance Report. Moreover, this extension can captures product Impressions, add to cart & product clicks events for new product section, category page, product page, advanced search and search result pages, on related products, cross-sell products and up-sell products.
  • It tracks promotions data including coupon code and user selected options on checkout steps like shipping method selected as ‘next day delivery‘ or payment method as ‘paypal‘ will be shown in the events.
  • This extension supports Shopping and Checkout Behaviour Report and you can use it with Magento standard checkout, Firecheckout, IWD One Page Checkout or One Step Checkout modules without any problems. It also tracks complete checkout process including billing, shipping, shipping method, payment method and order review steps.
  • Easy disable whenever required via system configuration in admin and have an option to turn on new tracking code or keep the old tracking

So now Magento Google Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking is available on CMSMART MarketPlace. You can try the DEMO VERSION and DOWNLOAD at this link below


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