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Magento Hide Price Extension Download


Magento Hide Price extension is the most comprehensive & customizable Magento extension to hide product price from guests, visitors and customers based on your specific business requirements. You can also use this extension for a “call for price” functionality as well as “hide the add to cart” button. You can also add custom messages, forms and buttons to personalize the flow.

  • Hide Product PricesYou can selectively hide product price from guests and customers of your Magento store for variety of purposes. When enabled, product prices are not displayed at all, instead customers are asked to perform actions which are pre-defined for them via admin.
  • Products or CategoriesOur Magento Cart Hide Price extyension allows you to hide prices for a specific product or for an entire category or sub-category, based on your needs.
  • Customizable ActionsWhen you hide a product price, Magento Hide Price allows you to show the store phone number with a call for price, Request Callback or Contact for Price message or you can display a form which the user can use to request price. You can also customize this action.
  • CompatibilityMagento hide price extension is compatible with Community Editions: 1.8x, 1.7x as it uses magento’s default native captcha.
  • Fully CustomizableMagento cart Hide Price extension to remove prices from product is fully customizable. You can define when and how long to hide the price and the products to apply it to, as desired.
  • Dead EasyHide Price is dead easy to install and use. Its designed with the native Magento store interface in mind and allows you to be up and running within minutes. 


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