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Magento is Great Platform for Mobile Ecommerce


Nowadays, mobile ecommerce is become more popular than ever and it’s likely to become the dominant online shopping experience. Magento, one of the most popular ecommerce platforms, it’s also can’t ignore that trend. Magento has many responsive ecommerce themes, which optimized for mobile experience. And more, Magento 2 – the latest version of Magento was released, it brings to the store owners many new features which help them to optimizing their stores for better mobile experience.

Just a few years ago, mobile ecommerce is a pretty strange thing with retailers. But now, the world has changed. Smartphones and tablets are really popular. Instead of using PC to browse and shopping online, now people like to do that with the device they have to hand. It has a huge impact to ecommerce.

There are several options open to eCommerce retailers:

To optimize for mobile e-commerce, the store owners can invest in creating apps for the various mobile platforms. The native mobile apps will be an excellent solution, but there is a problem that they are expensive to develop and maintain. Especially that there are many mobile platforms in use, at least we should have the apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

In addition, if your site is not responsive, you also can use Magento mobile theme to create a mobile ecommerce store. This is a great solution to do mobile optimization with a significantly cheaper price than create the native mobile apps.

A responsive eCommerce solution that adapts to the users chosen device

If you ignore mobile ecommerce, it means that you ignoring a lot of potential customers. In fact, in the last year, around 55% of all time spent with eCommerce happened on mobile devices and mobile eCommerce generated around $41.68 billion dollars. That’s revenue that online retailers don’t want to lose because that trend will continue to grow when mobile devices increase in power and become true desktop replacements.

Build a website with responsive design is the solution which most retailers have chosen to adopt instead of investing in mobile apps. Responsive web design allows web owners can easily manage their sites and imposes less of a burden than native applications. Moreover, it ensures a consistent brand experience across all of a customer’s devices.

If you want to create a mobile friendliness website and highly responsive capabilities, no doubt to say that Magento is of the strongest platform in this regard. That’s why 34% of the responsive websites in the Alexa 1 Million are based on Magento — as are 30% of the top 100K thousands sites of any sort.

When create a responsive ecommerce website, provide responsive design in product pages is not enough. The study showed that the greatest friction point for consumers is usually the shopping cart and checkout experience. You will see the frustrating of consumers if you try to complete a checkout process which was designed for desktops and manipulate on your phone, it will be much harder with the small screen.

So, Magento comes to help you solve that problem because Magento application is responsive to the core. It allows you to create fully responsive shopping cart and checkout page and then helping you improve the mobile eCommerce conversion rates.

Above, it’s just one of many reasons why you should use Magento to create an ecommerce site which optimized for mobile ecommerce. Magento also own many other powerful features which help you to build a responsive eCommerce store straightforward and inexpensive.


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