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Magento Layered Navigation | Magento Improved Navigation By Cmsmart

Magento Layered Navigation Advance makes it easy and fast to find a product based on category, price range, or any other available attribute.

 Default Magento navigation process is rather irritating and time consuming for the customer as it only provides searching step by step. Mangento Layered Navigation Advance is designed to optimize and improve navigation of your online Magento store. With our Layered Navigation you can make your navigation more flexible and user-friendly!

This extension will enable your customers to indicate all the product parameters at once without having to choose attributes one by one to find the right product. Ajax filter integration allows your customers to filter unnecessary categories, attributes, and products to find what they are looking for quickly. Make your store fast and handy using Magento AJAX search! Magento Layered Navigation Advance with integrated Ajax filters refreshes selected data promptly allowing your customers to enjoy shopping rather than waiting for the entire page to refresh.

Price Slider control allows your customer to select a certain price range according to their purchasing intentions. Magento Layered Navigation Advance is intuitive for Admin to improve front-end Magento navigation. As you know, user’s attention decreases after clicking 2-3 pages. Customers pay attention to products, not to the interface. If the client doesn’t find what he needs and escapes from your web site it is bad. Making a purchase for them has to be as easy as breathing. Imagine that you have a possibility to draw the attention of your potential clients to all the goods you offer. The client is able to see more goods in less time without the need of searching for the ‘next page’ link and looking around the page. Your customer will appreciate the convenience and will be more likely to choose your user friendly Magento store for future purchases.


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