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Magento Mega Menu Extension – Easy to Navigate

Easy to Navigate is an important sector to evaluate how a Magento store serves customers. And certainly, it is always the priority as well as the key factor that every web-store owners tend to. On Magento platform, there are various ways to get easy Navigation such as installing Layered Navigation extension, creating Menu item, Category or Product pages in easy navigation.

However, there is still a powerful tool that has been confirmed by a lot of successful web-store owners. It must be Magento Mega Menu Extension.


How Mega Menu Extension enhances the navigation feature of your Magento site?

As mostly store owners said, more easily customers access your products more sales you gain. Thus, when you give customers the fastest and most efficient way to see their wanted items, they surely purchase your products. Understanding that, Mega Menu Extension created by CMSmart – one of brands leading to provide Magento solutions, will help you accomplish that.

By adding Mega Menu for Magento, you make the top menu more impressive, then customers can approach products and categories by hovering over the menu. Meanwhile, the menu involves a maximum volume of information for potential clients to be willing for the first Click.

  • Horizontal Navigation Menu: helps you simplify menu system on the store by organizing your categories, sub-categories and products easily, unlike the normal set-up.
  • Menu Effects: It means that you can put Home Section on Menu, also easily select the background and color for each category as you wish.
  • Menu Customizations: give you ability to hide or show sub-categories on Menu. It is the same in case of thumbnails for each category on menu. Also, it is possible to decide the number of columns of sub-categories as well as select numbers of products to show in categories.
  • Products on Menu: allow your customers to see featured products or categories right on the Menu. This helps them have good direction of the product they should choose.
  • Custom Blocks: You can select where to place a block, on top, left, right or bottom to have a logic and easy – to – see page.
  • Category labels are used to have you easily create a label of each category. It will be the highlight point attracting customers more quickly.
  • Customize the Menu style: including width, menu colors, icon…
  • Config static Blocks, add thumbnails of products or categories on Menu: You are possible to add static contents to display in line with the list of sub-menus. By the way, you are capable for adding thumbnails of each category to the drop down menu.

How you get it works properly on your store?

  • Especially, let alone you is installing which template on your Magento store, you are able to add this function to it because it is totally compatible. You will find easy to see this extension being installed in a lot of Magento themes for full-featured designs.
  • After buying this extension, you are totally able to install this extension. After that, go to the admin panel to make above configurations for the front end. These steps are found in the attachment documentations. Also, do not worry because if you have any questions or issue during using the add-on, you can get help of CMSmart’s Team. They are always available to give you assistance.

All features that Magento Mega Menu offers is very helpful for you to improve user-experience of your web store. Customers feeling happy on shopping on your store will be sure to come back and purchase more products. This is a certain result that can be seen everywhere in e-Commerce. Take some minutes to have real experience of this product here.


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