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Magento Mega Menu Extension


Magento Mega Menu Extension allows both users and administrator to manage and display all kinds of information flexibly which will optimize your website navigation performance.

Top menu is the most important parts of a website to include all necessary information and navigate the users to major pages of content. With a powerful mega menu, a top menu can be powerfully flexibly display almost all kinds of contents from horizontal menu, static content block, promotion banner, feature products, highlight video clips, contact forms and any other information.

Most of Magento end-user administrator does not have a developer’s knowledge and skills, but they often dealing with the menu management during website content development. Magento default menu system is very basic and it lack of advanced functions, therefore we create Mega Menu for your Magento website to help simplify the management of menu system. Our Magento Mega Menu has an attractive horizontal menus allow you to display and organize your categories, sub-categories and products easily using product, static block, image or text.










Detail: Magento Mega Menu

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