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Magento Megamenu – top navigation megamenu for magento

top navigation megamenu


Menu – is a key navigation element for customers on your website. It is particularly important that the menu would contain a maximum of all information, namely that which is needed by your potential customers. Alas, based on analysis of user behavior on large portals, the attention of given only for the first 10% – 20% of all categories of the store directories.

The remaining elements are simply not visible to users and are not used.Shop can increase profits by changing the sitemenu – users should see all items of your catalog products immediately. It is necessary that information was available at the first click. And this menu allows you to fully control/edit the store catalog displaying type.

Given that the average time spent user on the same page no more than 40 seconds, where the lion’s share of viewing content, rather than looking it up. It’s safe to say that the optimization of site navigation, is the main objectives of the shop owners.

Opportunities for shop owner:

  • Menu does not use Nested navigation, all sub-categories are visible initially.
  • Ability to add description/content directly in the menu section (description, pictures, flash, etc.)
  • Create custom arbitrary menu items.
  • Paste inside menu : widgets, static blocks, text, shapes, images, video and all kind of content you have
  • Modify and customize each type of menu item. Specify size for each menu item from 1 to 5 columns;
  • Specify the alignment of the menu items and content;
  • All menu items categories are fully manageable from an administrative part.
  • All menu items are fully manageable from an administrative part
  • The menu is original, with 2 completely different design, a minimalist red and strong blue.
  • Design the menu is made in conformance standards of html and CSS3 CSS3 phtml and CSS code opened for editing.


Possibilities for the user: 

  • A simple and intuitive navigation and product search.
  • Lack of nested categories.
  • Unified control and navigation around the store (the menu can include auxiliary items)
  • The required information appears when you hover over a menu item, fewer movements



  • Completely customizable in admin section
  • Supports FF2+,IE7+,Opera, Safari, Chrome
  • Open source
  • Meets Magento programming practices for most versions and customizations compatibility
  • Free upgrades at least in current version branch

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