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Magento mobile theme from CMSmart

Magento is the most popular ecommerce platform on the internet and there are thousands of Magento themes that can be used with Magento, however juts a few of them are really optimized for mobile market.



Magento mobile theme is developed for mobile market. It is more responsive because it is able to display your shop on both website and mobile devices. When user surf web and go to your website through mobile devices, the mobile system automatically detects the devices, then your website is applied mobile layout and your customers can easily go shopping and pay via mobile interface.

To Magento Mobile theme, you can install this theme for your Magento website, and easily set up and configure features such as color( button, tab, menu, text), layout (parents layout, children layout)… to match with your current Magento website theme on mobile. These criteria can be styled and customized to fit your site in seconds.

Besides, you can easily access user menu which is optimized with drop-down list. You can set your visible categories depth specifically for the mobile view to keep things neat and tidy on small screen devices.  Customers are able to access shopping cart anywhere, instant search from any page, no reload page and easily add to cart. Moreover, this theme also supports multi-languages and currencies with drop-down list.

Magento Mobile Theme brings users convenient  friendly when they interact with your site. Of course, a beautiful interface make them easy access and buy product. Now, apply and enjoy it!

MORE INFO/DOWNLOAD: Magento mobile theme


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