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Magento Multi Vendor Extension on Cmsmart

Magento multi vendor

You are building an e-commerce market where allows selling their products, attributes, ratings, tags, reviews list creation and manage their own orders and more by access the frontend and backend vendor panel. We are proud of releasing one extension which can make a function like that, it is Magento Multiple Vendor – a powerful Magento extension that is necessary for your e-commerce market with mains features: compatible with Magento 1.9.x, friendly UI for vendor registration, powerful backend vendor features and managing multiple vendor accounts.

A vendor has 2 accounts when registering successfully in your website, one to access for frontend, another for backend vendor panel. A vendor will interact with all customers about writing description, replying all customer’s comment or reviews, he is also able to manage a list of his products. Besides, Magento Multi-Vendor allows the vendor can browse or change avatar which makes customers believe and have a total view of his business. On the backend, this vendor will manage his account as well as all products such as attributes, ratings, tags and reviews list. Only simple registration, you will have vendors who are selling their products on your site and increase sale volume monthly through them.

To be a vendor on your e-commerce market which is integrated Magento Multi-Vendor, a user needs to register simply with filling up personal information to an active account. After that, when login successful into backend interface, he will see a lot of functions about his product as account information, dashboard, orders, billing, recurring, reviews, wishlist, … more. Vendors can change avatar, write a short description to introduce their products. They browse products by categories, further, they are able to write product’s information with name, price, image,…they are arranged by name and other attributes which make vendor manage easily. When becoming a vendor on your site, they will manage products as well as control their business.

You are an administrator on e-commerce market where have multiple vendors so you need a powerful extension to manager them, Magento Multi-Vendor is our product which has a lot of features like that, we provide a full extension to control your list vendor as well as their product. As the admin, you are person allow who will be sell products on your market, manage their products as well as payment. You also know the vendor’s order to definite sale volume exactly from vendors. Moreover, you will see all of the reviews which come from customers to give comments for your vendors. This extension makes your market more reliable with high-quality products.

Magento Multi-Vendor is a powerful and good extension for your e-commerce market. As an admin on e-commerce, you surely attract vendors as much as possible as well as bring the best comfort when making business on your site. With a lot of benefits come from Magento Multi-Vendor, you will be satisfied with the extension’s features. Your e-commerce market will not grow without this multi-vendor extension, it will increase profits through the business of vendors, make your sale better and more value for your business.

Thanks for watching my post. If you have any question, feel free to feedback here. I and colleagues are willing to support you. Goodluck!

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