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Responsive Magento One Step Checkout | Magento Extension

Magento one step checkout extension

Responsive  Magento One Step Checkout Extension- no HACK, 100% AJAX, increase sale up to 70%

The default and standard checkout that comes with Magento includes several “continue” actions required by the customer, this makes checkout very cumbersome and may lead to shopping cart abandonment. There for, all Magento site need One Step Checkout extension to make the check out process as simple as possible while remain the powerful function of your payment and customer information.

If you are looking for a way to removes unnecessary steps of default Magento Checkout Process and makes the checkout step much simpler then this Magento One Step Checkout extension is your best choice. It provides a nice checkout experience for the customers and greatly increases your website sales.

Magento One Step Checkout BENEFITS

  • Converting the checkout process to be easier and faster has a proven record of increasing a store’s conversion rates up to 70%. Lowering your cart abandonment rate is the simplest way to increase your online sales.
  • Helps customers to have checkout process much simpler and quicker.
  • Provides ability to review your order before hitting place order.
  • Greatly reduces Shopping Cart Abandonment.
  • Quick One Page Checkout is five times faster when compared to the Standard Magento Checkout process and saves time for the customer.

How One Step Checkout Extension Works:

  • All checkout steps in one page, all data in loaded within 1 page using Ajax (login , billing, delivery contact, payment method, total cost, Magento custom product fields, tax, coupon…)
  • Update Product Quantity and Price with Ajax, no reload page.
  • Automatic Tax update when the location change with Ajax
  • Support International languages as One page check out for Magento just use default Magento multiple languages files so you can update, edit languages text in your own Magento and Joomla languages files.
  • Ajax loading, INSTANT UPDATE PRICE, INSTANT FORM DISPLAY, no page reload, your shopper update any information on the same page.
  • Auto-update prices, taxes and totals when choosing Shipping or Payment methods such as Paypal , Moneybooker , Sagepay , 2Checkout
  • Customers can add or subtract items from their cart on the checkout page with Ajax, no page reload
  • New customers can create an account when checking out
  • Customers can make comments when checking out
  • The checkout page allows customers to enter their discount codes, and the price is instant update
  • Delivery can be made to different address than billing
  • With the optimization of java script, the product runs 40% faster
  • Works perfectly with popular browsers including Firefox , Chrome, IE 9,10 and Safari
  • 100% open source

Product Detail: Responsive Magento Extension One Step Checkout


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