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Magento Order Export Module Extension

Order Export functionality for Magento, integrated into the Magento Backend, including an export manager and a highly flexible output creation technique. Connect your Magento store to almost any ERP, CRM, warehouse, dropshipping or shipping system.

Over 500 major Magento stores use this extension to connect their stores to various third party systems.

  • Seamlessly integrated into the Magento backend
  • Very fast and convenient way to export your orders/invoices/shipments/credit memos
  • Almost any output format (Text, Tabbed, CSV, XML, Fixed-Length-Files) can be created, almost any software can be connected, and all the data saved in Magento, related to orders, invoices, shipments, credit memos, customers, payment, third party data and more can be exported
  • NEWSupports export of orders, invoices, customers, shipments and credit memos
  • NEWSupports an unlimited amount of export profiles. Export as many different export formats with different settings as required.
  • NEWExport to an unlimited amount of different local/remote destinations. Supports local directories, FTP, FTPS, SFTPv3, HTTP Servers, E-Mail Recipients, Webservices/APIs
  • NEWExport directly from the Sales > Order, Invoice, Shipment, Credit Memo grids
  • NEWFlexible filters for each profile can be set up, for example “Export only processing orders” or “Export only invoices where the billing country is US”.
  • NEWExport an unlimited amount of orders/invoices/shipments/credit memos quickly – there are no limits with regards to how many objects can be exported.
  • “Intelligent Export” remembers which objects have been exported and which haven’t to avoid duplicate exports (can be disabled)
  • Ability to automatically export after the customer checked out
  • Ability to automatically export after the order/invoice has been paid
  • NEWAbility to automatically export after order, invoice, shipment, credit memo creation
  • NEWAbility to automatically export at predefined times using an unlimited amount of different cron jobs, all configurable from the Magento backend
  • Ability to change the order status after exporting
  • NEWAbility to export new and updated customers, ability to export quotes
  • Works with all Magento versions (see compatibility chart)

This is by far the most flexible export solution available for Magento, on the market since 2008 and since then improved and kept compatible with all recent Magento versions.


Detail: Magento Order Export Module Extension

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