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Magento Orders Import Export extension Download

Magento Orders Import Export extension

By using this Magento Extension, any store admin can import or export all order data plus any other data related to the customer. Furthermore, this extension can be used for managing any related data. These are available for any of your site’s customers, regardless whether the checkout was made as a guest or as a registered member.

This extension is also capable of exporting the products order and product details in batch format, as well as to import the orders from your customers which already exist in your store’s database. In case the customer isn’t registered or does not exists, the extension will assign order for guest.


– Import or Export orders for any type of customers

Regardless which type of orders your Magento store relies on, this extension is able to import or export them in one go. It can easily deal with configurable, grouped, bundle, virtual, simple and downloadable orders, plus more!

– Import orders from the customers who are not registered on your site

If the user does not exists, the order will be marked as being made by guest (all the address information and settings are retained). Thus, it will be a lot easier to manage this type of data in the future.

– Import orders without having to worry about duplicates

When a coincidence with one of the existing orders in the database is detected, the value of the imported order is overwritten and is generated automatically by the system. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about any order duplicates or complicated settings.

– Import orders with Shipiments

Regardless of the shipping method that’s been selected by your customer on his order, you’ll be able to import it in one go, without any technical difficulties. Even if the shipping method is not enabled or can’t be found at the import time, the extension still allows you to import the order with no hassle.

– Import orders with Invoices

The payment method that’s been selected by your customer is not of importance when importing the
order. It will be easily imported at once, even if the payment method can be found in the database or
doesn’t exist at the import time.

– Import orders with CreditMemos

The Magento Dataflow Batch Import/Export handles invoices,shipments, credit memos or any other
kind of customer related information at the time of import. The history of all comments and the status
changes are also tracked by the extension.

– Enables you to use export filters to choose the necessary orders

When exporting data through this extension, it allows you to use export filters in order to restrict certain
data from being imported. Thus, you’re able to use the following filters on your exports: Store filter,
Creation date, Order Status.


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