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Magento Pre-Orders Extension

Pre-order option can be beneficial both to you and your customers. It would enable you to better estimate demand, and it would have positive effect on your cash flow. It gives your customers the opportunity to ensure they would be among the first ones to get hold of an exclusive product and/or pay less at for a pre-ordered item. With this extension you will be able to accept and easily manage pre-orders on your Magento store.

Pre-Orders features:

  • Enables Admin to label products as available for Pre-Orders;
  • Allows the following Pre-Order options for products: No Pre-Order, Limited or Unlimited Quantity Pre-Order;
  • Admin can specify the Product Availability Date that would be displayed on the page of a product available for Pre-Ordering;
  • Displays “Pre-order” button instead of “Buy Now” on the product page of an item available for Pre-Order;
  • Enables your customers to place a Pre-Order and pay for the item in advance;
  • Makes it possible for customer to buy available goods and Pre-Order items during one session;
  • Enables Admin to process the orders that contain both purchases and Pre-Orders;
  • Regular purchase proceeds as usual, and pre-ordered item is shipped when the stock status is changed to Available;
  • Sends automatic notifications to customers who placed Pre-Orders when the product status is changed to Available;
  • Enables Admin to specify a custom stock status;
  • Adds “Pending Pre-Order” and “Processing Pre-Order” to order statuses;
  • Enables Admin to easily search for placed Pre-Orders with Filtering by Order Status;
  • Comes with a User Manual;
  • The extension’s functionality code is 100% Open Source.

Please note that Pre-Orders extension allows charging only once, and charges will be made at the time pre-order is placed. It is up to you, and by no means limited by the extension functionality, to set the price for Pre-Order lower, higher, or the same as for the product when it is available.

Also please mind that in some states and countries it might be illegal to charge before the product is in stock. Please check if it is legal for the location where you operate before using this extension.


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