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Magento Product Images Slideshow Extension | Images Slide Gallery Cmsmart

Magento Product Image Slideshow Extension is perfect for organizing product images, convert addition product images as per the slideshow / gallery style

Your website introduces different products in which have different items and you want to display a number of items on the product details page, Magento Product Image Slideshow will be a brilliant concept for adding items’ images on the product page. This module will convert items’ images of a product into slideshow style. Your customers will be more convenient to compare different items of a product. Default Magento has not supported you much but our extension can display images slideshow without placing much space. It adds the ability to manage, Product Images Showcase, Image Slider help you to associate multi Images. The Magento extension can beautify images of products’ items in five intuitive slideshow effects.

We all know that images sell products. With Magento Product Image Slideshow, you can display photos more conveniently in beautiful effects attracting customers on products that you sell on your site. Now, with Magento Product Image Slideshow Extension, your products pages will have an attractive tool to view images larger on clicks.

In admin panel, you can choose the effect you prefer, the color scheme and size for images. All images that you add will be displayed in the slideshow on the product page of your site. Using images of consistent quality, size, and proportion gives your catalog a professional look, which need to be sized specifically according to your Magento store in order to pull this off.

Moreover, our Magento Product Images Slideshow also is enhanced its functionality with built-in Product Image zoom effect – ability to show the zoom on all of your products to larger and more beautiful real images/ photo of product. The zoom feature is not a simple add-on but is a powerful zoom module for Magento store with up to 5 types of zoom effect to chose, and full list of features configuration in Magento admin.

Product Details: Magento Product Images Slideshow

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