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Magento Product Online Designer Extension


Nowadays, the personalized products are increasingly popular. In fact, there are 40% of consumers prefer to buy product from retailers that cater to their preferences. Therefore, the personalization trend is growing to meet the tastes of consumers and this trend also being captured by many ecommerce businesses. Many companies have succeeded by providing their customers the ability to create and design their own products through an online design software that integrated on website.

Before, create an online designer system for your site can be costly. But today, if you have a Magento website, you can build your online design tool in just 5 minutes. Magento Online Product Designer Extension was created to help you do that.


This online designer extension for Magento was developed by a professional Magento developer team. This product has been optimized to bring the highest performance, offer the most powerful features; which ensure the best experience for users.

For website owners: you can install this extension with ease, just follow the installation guide and it will be ready to use in 5 minutes. There are many options that can be managed by store owner such as fonts, texts, arts, images… this will bring a perfect solution for web-to-print website.

For customers: this online designer tool can be used easily. There are many tools that available to use like add text, clip arts, images, etc.., you can design your own products by the simplest way with live preview. You can use it easily whether you do not have much knowledge on design.



  • Easy to use: with a clear and friendly interface, this extension is very easy to understand and simple to use with any clients.
  • Get colors and size of design: this feature allows you to determine the exact size and color of each regional design.
  • Help tools: powerful tool with lots of functions such as zoom, move item design, preview, flip, align…
  • Add text: there are many options that you can use for text lke change color, font, style, align, move, resize, rotate, delete and more…
  • Add clipart: you can add art, change colors, move, resize, rotate, delete, flip, center function and more…
  • Upload images: your customers can upload images with many file types (PNG, GIF, JPG…). Admin can set up the min and max file that allow.
  • Manage design customer: all design of customer will be managed in admin and you can view each design to know more information that your customers want.
  • Easy to add color: you can add color for any product that you want in admin panel.
  • Save and re-edit design: allows clients save, share and re-edit their designs.
  • Design any product: add any type of product and build product design with colors, add text and art…
  • Product templates: creating the perfect design templates using text and images that customers can modify to create their own designs.
  • Cliparts libraries: provide design ideas to clients by upload your great art to libraries and setup price.
  • Various fonts: over 20+ fonts are included as standard, if you want to use your own font, you can upload and use it easily.
  • View design cusomter after order: customer can review the design in their account panel.
  • Easy to translate: you can go to admin and easily translate your site for any language. This feature allows you to use for multi-language store.


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