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Magento Product Tweet on Twitter Extension – Auto Tweeting New Products


Today, accompany the development of ecommerce; the social network has also become a channel to promote the brand and products very effectively. Besides the traditional methods to advertising and marketing, most of all companies are building a profile on the social network to promote the brand as well as to reach out and build relationships with customers. The use of social network will help the companies or businesses now reach more customers with an economical cost than other methods.

We can mention the biggest social network at the moment such as: Facebook, Google+, Twitter and etc… all aforementioned social networks are very good social network to build a company profile. To be able to take advantage of the power of social networks, the companies that have owned the ecommerce website needs to help from the addition extensions.

The solution to use Twitter as a Marketing channel

If your company used Magento as an ecommerce website platform, so we may mention to some extensions which support you to use and management your social networks profile more efficient and convenient like: Magento Facebook Login Extension, Facebook Fanbox Magento Extension, Magento Facebook Conversion tracking… However, these extensions above are supported for Facebook. Beside Facebook, Twitter also is one of the biggest social networks and twitter also has a huge number of regular users. Therefore, if you use Twitter properly, the benefits that it offers are enormous and you will have an effective marketing channel with millions of customers. If you want to promote your products on Twitter, then today I will show you an extension which help you do that.

The Magento extension today is Magento Product Tweet on Twitter, as its name this extension helps you to auto update status (Tweet) on twitter after you add new product. Moreover, this extension also allows you to update multiple products. You just need to set the parameters in the back-end and then everything will be updated on your Twitter by fully automated way.


There are the main features of Magento Product Tweet on Twitter Extension:

  • Easy to install: you can install this product easily, if have any problems you may request to receive help from Supporter Team.
  • Auto Shorten URL: yes, this extension will auto creates Shorten link before posting on Twitter.
  • Ability to use @mention and #hashtag in your Tweet.
  • Ability to connect with Facebook account and share your tweet.
  • Ability chooses currency sign display on tweet.
  • Auto calculates tax on product price.
  • Auto Update New Product on Twitter.
  • Ability to update multiple products on Twitter.
  • Ability to upload product image on Twitter.

One thing is very important, that this Magento Product Tweet on Twitter Extension also does not change any core file of Magento, so you can update your installation with total peace of mind. Let use this extension right today to build a new marketing channel with Twitter.


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