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Magento Product Video Extension makes your online shop no longer boring


Wanting a superb extension to make your online shop much more active, something for advertisement and direction of using products but it should be a space and time –saving solution. Finding one effective way to help customers understand more about your shop, simultaneously to leverage their trust on your products. Let’s think about Magento Product Video Extension as the perfect choice to add videos from numerous sources from Youtube, Vimeo or locally hosted videos as well and then you will enjoy such a flexible and well-managed extension. Now, let’s explore a wide range of suggested magento product video extensions with us.

  1. Product video by Mageconsult

Product Video allows users easily to put as many YouTube videos to their products view page as they want. The process of putting set of videos in product view is very easy and similar to that of putting picture to product view. It is intuitive to use and it uses Magento styles, so it can be easily customized.

  • Features

–        Full control over YouTube video player

–        Adding as many videos as you want

–        Specifying sort order of videos

–        Remove and exclude videos

–        Video tab in product edit page

–        Uses Fancy Box

  • Drawbacks

Product Video just use for Youtube so you cannot upload videos from your own computers or other popular sources like Vimeo, Dailymotion, Vzaar, SmugMug and so forth.

2. Magento Product Video Gallery Extension by Iceberg Commerce

The Video Gallery Extension for Magento adds the ability to manage videos associated with Magento products the same way you manage images. Simply copy in a url from Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Vzaar, or a locally hosted video. Product images are uploaded automatically and managed in the Magento cache. Videos show up along side uploaded images on a product view page.

This extension is different from other Video extensions for Magento. This extension builds in a video manager that is equivalent to how images are managed in Magento. This means that you do not have to mess around with html or embed codes. Videos are organized in the database for you to build more custom features.


  • Simple easy to use admin interface similar to the “Images” tab on the product admin page
  • Easy to add videos to a product. You just need a URL for a video
  • Supports Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Vzaar, Locally hosted videos
  • Manage All videos by simply editing a product
  • Multi-store compatible. Manage videos at the Website, Store, or View level
  • Automatically grabs a video thumbnail for you and caches the image using the Magento Cache
  • Videos open up on the page in an overlay
  • Easy to customize the display. Comes integrated with a Lightbox!
  • Follows Magento Coding Guidelines. Very high quality of code and throughly tested.
  • No core code is modified so next time you update Magento, the Video Gallery Extension will continue to work!

3. Product video by Magesolution

With Magento Product Video, admin can add videos for the products they want and the videos will be shown on the product details page, which will help the customers to have the most visual look about the products and other information

  • Allow admin to upload video files for products from computer’s library. You can upload video files in *.flv or *.mp4.
  • When customers click on videos, it will show a light box with a slideshow for videos
  • Admin can easily upload/edit/delete video files with available fields on the product uploading form.
  • Admin can enable/ disable zoom image function. If admin enables zoom image function, customers can zoom images at front-end and see details of the product a lot better.
  • Admin can use Magento product video for multiple stores in one Magento installation
  • Videos of the product are shown on product details page in an eye-catching manner
  • Customers can use zoom feature to zoom and check the images if zooming function is enabled
  • Easy to install, easy to upgrade, just copy and paste to use
  • HTML/ CSS and W3C validation
  • Friendly and flexible configuration
  • Cross-browsers compatibilityroduct Video

4. Magento product video extension by Cmsmart

The Magento Product Video extension being at a striking position will make your site be more informative than ever. Its invisible value (easy customization, multi-layout options, multi-display types…) really goes beyond the price you have to pay for it. This extension allows admin to upload any videos from many sources as Youtube, Vimeo or from your computer to magento product page.

Hightlight features

  •   well-managed

Admin can easily upload/edit/delete video files with available fields on the product uploading form

  • new easy and fast 3-way uploading video

Admin can upload video from computer, Vimeo or YouTube exactly on the product page

  • Feature  Flexible Extension Settings

Admin can easy custom video dimensions, pop-up video, thumbnail dimensions, thumbnail slider effect

  • Feature  The Extension Shows That It Is Really A Space And Time-Saving Solution

The unlimited number of attached videos for one product is displayed horizontally with thumbnail images

The extension also allows you to customize various display styles with changeable thumbnail images, video’s attributes can be customized, thereby. Besides, video disable or enable option can be selected in the back-end panel.

Front-end feature

  • Multi-display styles
  • Playing video with pop-up window or media block
  • Attaching your own logo on video
  • Options for thumbnail slide display

Admin feature

  • Customized thumbnail dimensions and images
  • Customized video play icon
  • Admin Can Easily enable/disable Extension
  • Manage Extension In Back-End



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